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Tian's Hero by Cherie  Noel
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Jan 21, 2012

really liked it
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A dry sense of humor, a liking of snarkiness, and an ability to deal with – interesting – language are required to enjoy this book. In many ways a traditional ‘space adventure’, including space pirates and flawed heroes, this story is also an non-traditional and very moving love story between three very unlikely partners. Not that any one of them would admit to the emotion between them. Oh, yes, and to top it all off we have some male pregnancy to make things even more interesting.

Lewell’yn takes some getting used to. His tone is abrasive, his background mysterious and the way he deals (or doesn’t deal) with his fellow sentient beings aboard the space pirate’s ship is atrocious. Until he meets and gets to know Kayron and Tian, Lewell’yn is a total bastard. It was interesting for me to watch how he slowly redeems himself, never admitting to the change, but inexorably moving closer to acknowledging he has a softer side.

Tian is an enigma. Enslaved and on his way to become prey for a cruel species of hunters, he is definitely more than he seems. He is a chef, which made me smile, because there aren’t many stories about ‘chefs in space’. Tian is wonderful, and he thinks about everything in terms of food. Even his cursing is around ‘burnt soufflés’. His road is not an easy one, and I hated that he had to suffer so much. Thank God he is stronger than he looks!

Kayron is a medic, but has quite a few secrets as well. His obsession with ‘a proper cup of tea’ is hilarious, and his sense of humor is much needed as the three men try to survive their adventures. He is just as supportive and determined as Tian, and once he decides there is no need to choose between Lewell’yn and Tian, there is no stopping him.

I really liked the sense of mystery, cloak-and-dagger events and pure no-holds-barred adventure-in-space this book exudes. The mix of humor and deadly danger worked well for me, and the relationship these three men develop was both hot and very romantic. If you want to read a space adventure that makes you laugh, a romance that makes you hot and a fun story which is so unlikely it will make your mind boggle, this is a book you will enjoy as much as I did.

NOTE: This book was provided by Silver Publishing for the purpose of a review on QMO Books.
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