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The Permanent Revolution & Results and Prospects by Leon Trotsky
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Jan 21, 2012

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Interesting, but I would have preferred something with a tighter thesis. It mostly read like a collection of ranty letters detailing political infighting between Trotsky and... pretty much everyone else involved in the revolution.
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Reading Progress

01/21/2012 page 24
9.23% "I kind of feel like I'm reading one half of a Trotsky-Stalin flamewar."
01/23/2012 page 30
11.54% ""the productive forces created by capitalism are not adapted to national markets, and can be ... co-ordinated and harmonized only on an international scale." -- this was written in 1922 y'all. I just had a conversation about current research in this area *today*"
01/23/2012 page 34
13.08% "I really need to find a way to work "epigone" into a conversation. (epigone = second rate philosopher or artist)"
01/24/2012 page 54
20.77% "T continues to bemoan the poor scholarship and opportunism of his critics."
01/25/2012 page 65
25.0% ""The proletariat in power will.stand before the peasantry as the class which has emancipated it." -- Hmm."
01/26/2012 page 81
31.15% "If I'm reading this right, disputes about China caused majors schisms within Soviet Russia. Also, Trotsksy? Not a big Chiang Kai-Shek fan."
01/30/2012 page 100
38.46% ""History does not proceed in a straight line. It has temporarily run into Stalin's blind alleys.""

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