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The Sausage Maker's Daughters by A.G.S. Johnson
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Jan 20, 2012

really liked it
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I'm going to start by mentioning this and think I really need to that the title is one I don't like. I was very apprehensive about reading it. Then I actually read the book and had something other than the title to base my opinion on. Suffice it to say the title I still don't care for now, not just because it sounds weird though very fitting as that is exactly what it's about but because I don't think it does the story justice.

This book is one that is perfect if you like good strong in depth reads. No flimsy light fluff but quality. So rich with characters that are amazingly well written, Kip in particular I would totally take out for coffee except for the whole she doesn't exist thing. Real bummer as I got to like her and Phil so very much.

Kip the black sheep of the family different as different could be she is the youngest of the Czermanski daughters. The one who doesn't take shit laying down as it were. She is young and naive in many ways yet strong and determined. The book set in the 70's does a great job in setting the feel for the time. It frequently goes to flash backs in the 50's and 60's and again sets the tone for the time. Clothing, music, views of woman etc so nicely done and the author clearly did a great deal of research.

Kip when back in college had a thing going with her professor, they together protested pretty much everything, the war, woman's lib, etc. he one day up and disappears. Years later he is discovered to be married to her older sister. A cold angry woman who disapproves of all that Kip does and is. When the family get's together for the oldest sisters funeral her new brother in law dies under mysteries circumstances Kip soon becomes the prime suspect and the book covers her trial and times looking back her how did I get here moments.

The flashbacks fit quite well and cover why Kip and her family have the poor relationship they do. The characters, relationships, the story, the trial all are done in such a great believable way. AGS Johnson does a fantastic job and I am pleased I got to read her book and I'm even more glad I shut up and just gave the book a chance. I'd totally recommend checking it out. The Sausage Maker's Daughters may not have an irresistible title but it sure has an amazing story inside.
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