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デスノート 1 by Tsugumi Ohba
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Jan 20, 2012

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** Death Note is the first of many tries I have had with manga. I usually read a few and then simmer off, but this series is really interesting. It begins with a shinigami named Ryuk who drops the death note. The death note is basically a notebook in which, when anyone writes a name down or specific directions to someone's death, it will happen. If there is no specific death written, the person will die of a heart attack. It's a very simple idea, but one that is questionable. If someone had the power to jusst kill anyone in a matter of seconds, who would they kill? well the boy who picks up the death note is Light Yagami. After he discovers how to use the notebook and what it entails, he decides to in his mind, use it for the better of the world. He wants to get rid of all the evil, and all the murderers, the corruption. In a mere thought, he's doing what millions of people think would be good. To not kill the innocent, but kill those who make the world a terrible place, because it is one. The rest of volume 1, is all about Light trying to hide his identity as the one who is behind the mysterious deaths. People are starting to refer to him as Kira, which is basically god. Light does refer to himself as a 'god' over and over, thinking that he could somehow recreate a better world, all because of the notebook. He's an intelligent character, but his ideas seem too safe. Safe the entire world, by killing off those who do not deserve to be on it? Something wrong will have to happen, possibly a choice.

I think that illustrator, Takeshi Obata has a wonderful technique. I think that a lot of manga looks very similar in the characteristics of each person, but I think that Ryuk has a uncanny look to him. The entire reason that the death note is in the human realm, is because of his boredom with his life. In chapter 5 he says, "To the current shinigami, feelings like 'I hate this Human.' or "let's make the human world a better place,' or even 'Let's mess around with the uman world' don't exist anymore. in other words, the human world is of no matter to the shinigami. They take the lives of people simply because of the desire to live. To be honest, the shinigami world is rotting. Nobody's life has purpose. Nobody's life has meaning..." he exactly points out the problem in his life. I found this to be my favorite quote from the first volume, it explains a sort of realistic view of how some see the actual world. Do we actually have a purpose? Even if life is not as eccentric as we wish it was, should we keep living? And if we were given the choice to make a more pure world, what would we do? It seems unfair for one young boy, to have the power of what we see as some 'god' should have. But suffering is the mentality of us all, it should happen.

I've truly only look at a few books of manga, and just from reading the first volume, I already truly enjoy Death Note. Either it's the way the characters are or it's the illustrations, both are just very out there and this is a real question. A real thought we can all think, a perfect world. I don't think it's possible, the world needs corruption and evil and everything we hate. It just wouldn't be possible without it, everything happens for a reason.

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