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Fade by Robert Cormier
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Jan 20, 2012

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** From what I have read so far, the book is about this group of kids that are still in school, but there are different mysteries and suspense behind places that could be haunted and have had interesting histories behind them. The first mystery is of Mocassin Pond . Rumors went around that the place was haunted, but of course the kids had to find out if this was just a myth. So they went to the find very carefully and on the look out, but there was no haunted history at all. It turned out that the real ghosts were members of the KKK. Luckily none of the characters died by the drunken rifleman on guard. They did all get away safely, but I wouldn't go back after that. Right now in the story, the main character Paul found out that his love for his aunt Rosanna was really just a mere thought of having sex with her after his aunt let him touch her breasts before she started packing up to leave Frenchtown. This was the last thing she had to find out so that she would know if Paul loved her for who she was and not for her body. It sounds weird doesn't it because that is the first thing I thought.

Most of the story happened outside when a mystery needed to be solved at a mysterious place and some of the story happened inside like when Paul tried to get with his aunt or maybe when he and the other kids planned out their mysterious hunt. The ideas of the story are that if rumors are present, then they can be proofed worng or right and that there are some women out there who would have sexual relations with a 13 yr old like stories on the news. This idea ended with the rumor of the pond being false and Rosanna finding out that Paul just wanted her body and not her love just like all of the other guys she had relationships with. This caused her to become even more sad and led to her wanted to leave FrenchTown even more. Paul said in the book that he wouldn't love anyone else but her and no one else could come close to a woman like her.

The book was soo good because I was able to put a picture in my mind of when Paul and his people had went to the pond and the KKK came. I could picture the suspense of when they tried to keep their mouths shut even when a guard was nearby with a rifle in his hand. The bloody red color of the fire on the cross that was stuck in the sand. The dark blue color of the pond on the horizon with the sun going into the pond in the background. I wouldn't go to a haunted pond like that though because you don't know what could be there even if the rumors weren't true. There could be things there that are worse than a simple rumor. That was a life and death situation because if they were caught, then they would have gotten burned or even shot. And this is what makes books soo interesting because you don't want a book that is constantly talking about the same thing. You want a book that has the whole package and nothing that will mail it away from your mind and to the recycle bin.

I would recommend this book to anyone that knows what they want to read and isn't afraid to get it. Someone who is up for a little mystery and isn't afraid of the consequences. An example would be of the mysterious monstrumologist. The book is filled with people who aren't afraid to hunt for a new species similar to bigfoot. Sure, you picture some deep pictures in your mind of what is happening in the book but that is what dark/mysterous books do in your mind. I belive my teacher recommended the book to me so I tried it out. And it actually wasn't half bad after reading 50 pages of it. The same thing goes for Fade.


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