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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
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Jul 06, 2008

did not like it
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** spoiler alert ** I cannot describe the depth of my disappointment and disgust.
A baby?
A(nother) pedophil-esque imprint?

Everything we came to know (and presumably love) about the characters and the way their stories were told in the first three books completely sh*t the bed in this one. It was impossible to bond with any of the characters in the book, especially Edward, who became no more than a peripheral sperm donor.

Each plot development/"twist" was either so ridiclulous I wanted to scream, or so predictable that I had to groan. For this I rented a hotel room and stayed-up all night?

Oh, and BREAKING DAWN the MAJOR MOTION PICTURE......I just can't wait to see that gruesome Anne-Rice-Mayfair-Witch-Style-DIY-Cesaerean-Section brought to life on the big screen!!
Nah, how about a colonoscopy instead?

Now that I've had a few days to calm down from my violent objections, I am ready to explain in detail why, I feel, this book sucked. In plot order:
1) The wedding was pretty good, but it was the only time we saw Angela, Mike, Jessica and Ben in the entire book. What happened? SM just kind of abandoned them. And Renee fell off the face of the earth, too. And I think that Bella's nearly non-existent reaction to meeting Tanya was out of character for her. The Bella we all know would have stressed it alot more.
2) The "sex" scene(s) irked me on so many levels. First of all, how does a vampire with no blood flowing through his body acheive an erection? I preferred SM's method of politely skirting the subject in the first three books to her method of making the subject increasingly more annoying and prevalent throughout BD. Emmett's comments and innuendos became almost as annoying as Bella's out of control libido. She can resist the bloodlust but not the sex lust...Is she a vampire or a porn star?
3) The pregnancy sent me over the edge. How does a vampire with no seminal fluids impregnate a woman? Bella's 2-month transition from high school senior to wife and mother was too difficult to swallow....and I was a young wife and mother myself.
4) Rosalie. We already hated her and making her into a Nazi midwife didn't help.
5)The birth. OMFG WHAT WAS THAT???? If I had read that before I had kids I would have scheduled myself for a tubal ligation the next day.
6) The name Renesme is so awful that everytime I looked at it (6 million times over) I choked on it. She couldn't have just used Carlie? It might have helped us bond with the beastly little mutant.
7) Where did our Edward go? The object of 60 million readers' desires turned into a sulking and helpless sperm donor. THAT'S NOT SEXY.
8) Jacob had to be a pedophile? Even as a strong Team Edward supporter, I always loved Jacob just for being goofy and sweet and sincere (mostly) and all the good things about a 16 year old boy. Better off alone or with Leah than with (essentially) his ex-girlfriend's daugher. YUCK.
8) Bella's transition from super klutz to super hero was too much. Throwing the shield across the field to defeat Jane and Alec, the two biggest badasses in Italy? Oh, c'mon.
9) The battle with the Volturi was no battle at all. All of those vampires and wolves in one place and all they could do was kill Irina?

The story was too long and I don't think SM gave the characters their proper attention. It read SO much differently than the first three. We didn't have enough quality time with our old favorites...not enough of Alice after the wedding and definitely not enough sexy Edward.
She spent alot of time on the baby, but I found myself completely unable to bond with her....maybe because even Bella spent more time worrying about sex than she did about the baby. (Yeah, it's like that for all new mother's right?!?)
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Jillian I feel you, bb. I do.

Sherrie Nothing like Edward gnawing away to get the abomination out of Bella's grossly distended belly....NICE!


Complain to this email about the horrific destruction of the Twilight Series.

It only takes a few People to get the ball rolling. :)

message 4: by Pnicolais (new)

Pnicolais I have to disagree! While I thought it was somewhat predictable (ala Rosemary's Baby), I enjoyed the twist. The gruesomeness of the birth did not bother me. After all, these are vampires we are talking about!

Bella was always much too mature for her age. As a matter of fact, throughout the entire series I easily forgot that this was about high school kids. Even Renee made the point that Bella was like a 40 year old. I think Renee was just happy that Bella was out of her hair and she could live her own life with Philip.

The only thing I really hated about it was the baby's very stupid and annoying name.

It made sense to me that Bella would reach out to Rosalie. Edward was, as always, mostly concerned about Bella's welfare and this was an untested turn of events. Of course Edward would want to take the baby from Bella - afer all, nobody had any experience with this type of pregnancy and he feared for her life. Rosalie was the only vampire that Bella could enlist to support her, as not being able to have a child was Rosemary's deepest regret.

Jacob imprinting on the baby was kind of creepy, I'll admit. But this was already introduced with Quil earlier. And Edward, while forever in a 17 year old body, was generations older than Bella, so the theme was prevalent throughout the series.

I also think that a story about vampires and werewolves (or shape shifters) requires a suspension of belief. Bella's ability to shield after becoming a vmapire was not that hard to believe in the context of vampire's special powers.

All in all I loved the whole series and I was pleased that it all worked out for everyone

Penny I'm sorry, just because Stephenie made a point of CONTINUOUSLY POINTING OUT that Bella was way too mature for her age, she really wasn't. She never was all that mature. Think about it, she was angsting about the most moronic things throughout the first three novels.

And about needing to suspend your belief, go ahead and do that, but my imagination can only suspend to an extent. Shoving so much into one little novel was redonculous. SMeyer could have added aliens and some fans would have eaten it up.

Whatever, the book is crap!

Lyddie I agree completely. This book pissed me off to no end. I really enjoyed the first and third. I don't understand the attraction to the second one because it is so depressing. I hate that she forgets all the misery she's been through the moment Edward comes back. I would've been mad as hell. I hate it when the love interest abandons the heroin "for her own good and safety". As far as I'm concerned, that's bullshit.

As for the erection business. That's a pretty big gap in the story if you ask me.

The whole thing is full of gigantic holes. The whole middle part that Jacob narrated was borring and stupid. I didn't care how miserable he was; if he wanted to hang around her, then he's gotta get over his feelings. That, and the whole middle section could've been omitted. What a waste of time.

I suppose, it's nice that Bella and Edward had a "happy ending" but who the hell wants to become a wife and mother in the span of a year? Not me. And, I don't understand why Bella wouldn't be upset to make that kind of transformation. Although, I'm glad Meyer's made the plot leap to make Bella a vamp, because a lot of other writers get cold feet before their heroine can make the plunge.

Just shitty. Oh so shitty.

message 7: by Justice (new)

Justice This book is so bad. Seriously her fans get so upset at people for admitting it but yopu know what? HER FANS ARE NOT REAL READERS! They are romance-fiends!

message 8: by Breck (new)

Breck stop it was great imprinting is beautiful really it was but I agree the birth was CREEPY

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