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The Delight
Here's the conclusion of Ian's story. Or at least for now. Everything is a shit show and nothing looks good. How can everyone come out of this since it doesn't look good? We figure it all out in the beginning of the end. Healing is needed, forgiveness needed, and hope that everyone survives the incident and even the aftermath.

We ended the last book with Ian refusing to play the game anymore. He's done trying to repay his debt through deception. He's done being bent to the guilt his mother puts him through. He's done. Only they threaten the one person he loves and goes for the one person his brother loves: Margo. The Kagan matriarch and her lover kidnap Margo to draw Simon out for money. The lover to destroy his one competition of his lover's love, and their mother because she is obsessed with her son, Simon.

Only the mother turns on her lover and releases Margo knowing she is pregnant with Simon's baby and attempts to kill her lover when he tries to kill Simon. It's all a big scene and I won't give the details away to all of this. The fall out occurs. Zoe is pissed at Ian for his part in it all. She feels betrayed by what he didn't say to her and how he drew everyone in with his lies. Simon wants to kill him even if he did come clean at the last-minute. Everyone needs to reaffirm they are alive, where they are and what they plan to do.

Zoe packs up and takes a road trip home to figure it all out. Ian retreats to his new friend's house in Tennessee. Ian and Simon aren't on good terms, but Margo has forgiven Ian. Nick and Lila aren't so forgiving either. It's a time to heal. A time to dig deep and learn who you are, and sometimes that picture isn't pretty.

Ian needs to prove to Zoe he did something bad, but he isn't that person. He is learning to grow and believe in who he wants to be. He goes back to Zoe knowing she won't take him back. But he means to prove himself to her, her brothers and her family. Leaving is not an option. Losing Zoe is not an option. He will stay and prove himself whatever and however long it takes.

Zoe is also having an identity crisis. What kind of artist is she? What does she want from her art? She takes over and empty barn at the family orchard. It has electricity. That's all she needs to create her studio and bed....especially since her mom turned her bedroom into a green house.

While the story starts in a high state of hopelessness and drama, it slows down into a funny situational event with self discovery being the central theme. It's a lot lighter even though they are dealing with a lot. We see old characters from past books, laugh with new characters I hope get their own stories and love through all the pain that has been caused. The orchard is the place to be when you need all of this.

The conclusion was good for now and I even read a novella at Christmas time the next year. It's all so funny and great to see everyone and what happens in the end. So glad I got to see more Simon and Nick and grow to like Ian as the new guy. A great trilogy that kept me busy!

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