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The Intrusion by Kristin Detrow
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Jan 19, 2012

it was amazing

I work in publishing as a book cover designer. I have personally sent over 1800 books to print, but if you ask me how many of those I've read...I can count on just my fingers. If you ask me how many of those I recommend, it's down to 1 hand. With so many books at my disposal, I have seen a lot. Lets just say that I'm a tough critic.

I was given the pleasure of working on this book's cover. After reading the back copy, I became instantly curious about this book! (That's the sign of a great writer...if they can capture your curiosity in just 1 paragraph!) Though I work on hundreds of books, it is rare for me to actually be captured enough to want to read it.

I could NOT put this book down. It is beautifully written, not to mention totally suspenseful! I love "Christian" books, but find they are usually mushy and not real-to-life. They often have situaltions that resolve unrealisticly and characters who are just too perfect. (Who's really LIKE that?!) They certainly rarely have you sitting on the edge of your seat. I'll admit that some parts of this book were so suspenseful, I had to make sure all the lights were on when I read it at night...*smile*...so I wouldn't get 'too' freaked out. The only other books that have ever done that to me were Peretti books in the 80's.

Regarding the content...Kris Detrow deals with the issue abortion in such a thoughtful and compassionate way. There is truth here, but written with such kindness. I even gave the book to a friend who had experienced an abortion in her youth. She read the book in just a day or two, and said that she never once felt it to be a 'heavy' nor did she feel condemed...instead feeling God's forgiveness and mercy as she read.

I cannot WAIT for the next book by this author. She is so talented, and could be the next NYTimes best-selling author. Spread the word. :)

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