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Fair Game by Jasmine Haynes
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Jan 19, 2012

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The first is Fair Game by Jasmine Haynes. I asked Maria for the book after reading a review on Dear Author. Jane had said that she thought the book was really well written, but it made her uncomfortable. Since I'm always looking for a good erotic romance author, I decided to give it a read. Josie Tybrook is an up and comer at her company, Castle Heavy Mining, where she is a project manager. On her way to a meeting, she gets crushed up against a man in an overcrowded elevator. Given that Josie is a bit of a danger-girl, and because of her close proximity to the man, and she can tell that he's quite enjoying her being pressed up against him, she cops a bit of a feel before sashaying off the elevator and out of his life (she thinks) forever. That man is Kyle Perry and it turns out he's Josie's client. And he is wildly attracted to her. He wants desperately to see her again and is delighted by the turn of events that has brought her back into his life. He proposes that they begin seeing each other, a proposition which she promptly refuses. He raises the stakes by challenging her to a sexual encounter while returning from a business trip. She agrees, but indicates that this is a one time thing. He knows it won't be. They begin a game of sexual one-up-manship, where each of them is in total control of an encounter. Each time, they raise the stakes, making each encounter more daring, and pushing the other farther and farther. But everything changes when Kyle is offered a job at Castle. Will Josie agree to continue their relationship if he is her boss?

I found Fair Game to be an entertaining and fun read. The encounters between Josie and Kyle are heated and hot and very sexy. That being said, here I am presented yet again with a heroine whose motivations I don't understand. I didn't understand where her constant, never wavering need for total control came from. I didn't understand why when Kyle was clearly in pursuit and wanted to please her, she pushed him away. It confounded me. Here's a guy who has given her the best sex of her life, and still, she just can't commit. We're told that she was screwed over by an ex-boyfriend, but the backstory was never fleshed out to a point where I understood her motivations. We're told the ex is a dirt-bag and that he did her wrong, but never really understand why it is she's turned into this total control freak. I enjoyed the story, but never really connected with the heroine.

Final Grade: C

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