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Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card
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Jan 18, 2012

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It's a shame I didn't look further into this book, because it turns out it's part of a series I haven't read, by an author I have really enjoyed reading, when I have read another series by him.....the reason I feel ashamed a little and maybe a little silly as well, is that I haven't read the other books in the series before, and therefore, really don't know much about the story at all! I snatched this up "to read" from a selection of Books On CD in the library, and only because I had enjoyed this author before, made me decide to withdraw it. But also, the title grabbed me. I mean, come on, who wouldn't be wondering what a book titled: "Children of the Mind" is about?

So, I have not read this book, but have listened to it. But since I only listened to it, I also think I need to read it, because not all of the CD's played well for the Book On CD, and I usually gain a better experience in reading a book, than listening to it; like the: read the book, see the movie, theory. The reality is that when we are all "reading," we are left with out imaginations and thinking to run in all kinds of directions, from the text, while from a movie, we also do this, based on what we see or hear from the movie. But not all books into movies, stick to story exactly. Movies into book have a more creative copyright because of the entertainment industry.
I also need to read this because with the sounds and voices, with the Book On CD, I gain a different sense of things from the characters, than I usually would, while reading. I can give a related example. I loved reading the book Eragon, but seeing the movie was terrible, and didn't exactly tell the story the way the book did, and how I experienced it, as the movie did.
I want to explore more things written by this author because he fascinates me tremendously. He seems to have a wide range of knowledge and interest in the fields of science, space, and well, various other aspects that make up a society. Another great series by him, is generally categorized under the genre: Fantasy. It is especially interesting "reading" the characters in a literary series, than it is seeing on screen. But I think this series might be too much to make a good movie out of, and it's just as well. Perhaps the problem is that turning in a book into a movie can destroy the written story, because it's nearly impossible to be able to recreate the exact context of the story, characters, atmosphere, themes, or whatever, when interpreting something text. That's why reading can often be a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience than a movie, because our experiences, are distinctive, and exclusive.

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