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Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems
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Jan 18, 2012

I thought the book was strange. The author was most definitely trying to explain to the audience that it is okay to be different, but the pictures had an underlying imagery along with them. It's funny, but the one naked mole rat who doesn't have any distinguishing marks on him is the one who wears the clothes. The rest of them have obvious flaws to their looks. One of the offending teasers of Wilbur the well-dressed naked mole rat has a unibrow while another wears glasses. These are not only distinguishing marks, but are usually considered marks that will get you teased on the playground at school. So why is it what is a normal looking rat the one who wears clothes and gets teased while the rest who have blemishes on their appearance off the hook? Perhaps the illustrator is trying to add to the authors bullying message by emphasizing the myth that bullies are usually the ones in society who feel most insignificant. Or perhaps it's because we people can't imagine or find it harder to imagine someone who is not obviously outwardly flawed hurting another. After all, isn't it monster in the closets and wicked ugly witches that we fear the most when we are younger. I don't know. Just some suppositions.

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