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Grey's Awakening by Cameron Dane
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Jan 18, 2012

really liked it
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Greyson Cole is a successful venture capitalist who decides he needs to take a break from all the Happily Ever After that seems to be happening all around him. He decides to go up to his cabin on a lake and take two weeks of vacation, just to get away from it all. Unbeknownst to him, his twin sister has given the key to the cabin to her friend, Sirus Wilder, who lives across the lake, but has had a bathroom flood in his house and needs a place to stay for a few days.

When Grey arrives at the cabin, he comes face to chest with one of the handsomest men he's ever seen. Sirus is gorgeous, and fresh out of the shower, clad only in a towel. Needless to say, Grey takes one look and is immediately on alert. He's completely attracted to Sirus, but assumes that he's got a girlfriend or wife. Nope, Sirus is gay -- and just as attracted to Grey, despite Grey's standoffish, somewhat nasty attitude. But soon, the men clear up that they're both gay and act on their attraction. They decide it will be a two week fling while Grey is at the cabin, but when it's over, it's over. Neither have been in a sexual relationship for a while, and are thinking to get their itches scratched. But what starts off as a fling becomes something much deeper and more complicated.

This is an interesting book. I liked both characters a lot, but definitely found Grey much harder to warm up to. Mostly, I think, because his inner monologue was very emotional, but his actions tended toward the dickish. Sirus was much easier to like and root for. Grey has had a hard life, and his reasons for not wanting a relationship make sense to me, but he jumped to a TON of incorrect conclusions about Sirus and was often completely wrong. But the character's connection, once they established it was interesting. Neither seemed able to give the other up, even when they *knew* the relationship as it was, was unhealthy. Both of them had very real issues, and it took them a while to get their heads out of their asses and talk to each other. But overall, when their HEA finally came, I was rooting for both of them, and hoping that they could work it out.

There were two things that bothered me about the story. The first is that they consistently had unprotected sex. They discuss it, and tell each other they're clean, and agree to have sex "bareback". I'm sorry, but in this day and age, with the types of disease that are around, and an easy enough method to protect yourself? That's not OK. Every time they had sex, in the back of my mind all I could think was, "Y'all need to put a wrapper on!" I think that if the author was trying to establish a trust relationship between them, unprotected sex was NOT the way to go. The second scene was just more of a squick thing and it involved butter and anal sex. I'm sorry, food implements going in any orifice other than the mouth during sex just is NOT OK with me. But that's more a personal preference than anything else.

Overall, Grey's Awakening is an incredibly hot, spice m/m romance, with plenty of angst and a really hot relationship between protagonists. I quite enjoyed this one!

Final grade: B-

PS - When I first read Sirus's name, I read it as "Sirius", and never quite bounced back to calling him Sirus. Clearly I have Harry Potter on the brain.

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