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The Rich Stranger by Bronwyn Jameson
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Jan 18, 2012

really liked it
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Read in July, 2006 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** 4 stars! ~ Middle son, Rafe is the playboy hotel magnant of the Carlisle princes. Outwardly he gives off the personna that he's all fun and games, yet, inward he's a very shrewd business man and doesn't miss much. Rafe feels he has to prove to his brother's that he can be responsible too and takes the stipulation of his father's will very seriously. The only thing is to find the woman, perhaps that old flame on a neighbouring ranch? Catriona is bound and determined to do whatever it takes to hold on to her father's ranch. With her resources running dry and debts mounting, Cat is becoming desperate. Rafe has to make an emergency landing with his plane on an old airstrip on Cat's ranch. His landing gear fails and Cat has to pull him out and haul him to the ranch house. There's something about Cat's determination and spirit that grabs hold of Rafe and soon he's forgetting the woman he was going to see and sets his sights on Cat. Rafe knows just how to hook Cat in, and makes a wager, if she wins her ranch is debt free, if she loses she marries him, produces a child and her ranch becomes debt free. Cat loses and soon wonders about this man she married. He's not the playboy fun lover he lets on to be, could it be true ... Cat was Rafe's only choice?

Cat and Rafe have much in common. Both suffer from fears of disappointing those they love. Rafe chose to be the fun loving playboy so the expectation bar wasn't set so high. Cat was who she was, an outback cowgirl who loves her solitude and terribly afraid of being found wanting in front of Rafe's family and colleagues. I really liked these two.

PRINCES OF THE OUTBACK trilogy by Bronwyn Jameson

When Charles Carlisle realized he was dying, he decided it was time to shake things up in the family. He wanted to give his wife Maura a purpose to keep going on and to bring his three sons closer together. In his will he stipulated that in order for the Carlisle properties to remain in Carlisle ownership, one of his sons would have to produce a child within the first year of his death. He knows that all three of his sons will give this his best shot increasing the odds of success. This is a true challenge; not one of the sons has a wife or a steady woman in their lives. In fact, the youngest is a recent widower and this will prove especially difficult for him.

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