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Concubine by Jill Knowles
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Jan 18, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: slave, enemies, mystery
Read in January, 2012

Very enjoyable. Not dub-con at all: Kael and Taren find twue wuv and Kael finds happiness and ultimate sexual fulfillment in submission. The story is about who in the palace wants to get rid of Kael, and this plot is served up in teeny slices in between copious amounts of sex involving lavender oil, glass dildos, ring gags, restraints, and a three-quarters-demon cock.

The writing was competent overall, even if some of the smex got a bit purple. A few details dragged me out of the world of the story e.g. in a pre-industrial feudal society, skin-tight velvet is not a sexy fabric. It has absolutely no give in it, and without some elastane/lycra in there it will be complete hell to wear. Make that double-face velvet (pile on both sides) and not only will you feel like you're wearing an inch-thick furry fetish-suit, but you will be unable to sit down or get up with ease because the fabric is so bulky (especially sit down on a cushion on the floor!) Here's one occasion where fewer details would have made a better story.

No violence, so good if you like a very soft-BDSM love story.
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message 1: by Mandapanda (last edited Jan 18, 2012 09:47AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mandapanda Not really my type of book but I LOVE the attention you give to the fabric!! I just have visions of ripping velvet as soon as someone bends their knees. lol Great review!

Ayanna Actually, now that you mention it, there really was a lot of purpley sex...
I did rather like the story, though. Kael was ridiculously adorable in a stupidly weird way. I'm not even sure why I found him so endearing at times because there were times when I felt like I should probably be annoyed with his idiocy. I didn't even notice the velvet thing but now that you mention it, I remember that Knowles did indeed say it was double-faced velvet...
I'd like to mention, though, that I got the impression that the demon culture was extremely advanced (in terms of technology, knowledge, etc/w.e) and therefore, Zandria had some kind of trickle-down influences. I think it was the shower and implication of indoor plumbing.
Meh. I was also too busy going "wtf" at all of Kael's reactions to consciously note what Taren had made him wear, so w/e I guess.

Ayanna Know what? I was rereading Concubine and I came to make a comment about the fabric (Maybe she actually meant velour. That stuff's sort of like velvet, but it's stretchy and stuff.) and I see my previous comment about the sex. I totally thought you meant there were a lot of purple things as opposed to purple prose when I wrote that...and it's weird that I should realize what I thought before, but w/e...

message 4: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper The blurb reads like fanfic of Captive Prince?

Emma Sea huh, it does indeed sound like Captive Prince fanfic. I hadn't realised. Nothing like as good, of course.

message 6: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper LOL. As to skintight (very close-fitting) velvet, that depends on the cut. If you're talking trousers--I've sewn and worn skintight breeches and ridden a horse in them, no problems. Doublet as well, again no problems. And both even contained linen doubling. These clothes have to be made to measure though. Of course skintight velvet isn't as skintight as some nylon hose or whatnot ;)

Emma Sea SCA??

message 8: by Steelwhisper (last edited Sep 19, 2013 09:59PM) (new)

Steelwhisper Baroque dressage. ;)

Emma Sea omg, I am drooling. I did pony club (on a borrowed pony) as a tot, but then the city expanded and suddenly it was an hour's drive each way. For a while I worked in Taupo and joined the hunt there, which was amazing, but I never got a chance to learn to actually ride well. Or even halfway well.

message 10: by Steelwhisper (last edited Sep 19, 2013 10:15PM) (new)

Steelwhisper LOL--maybe I should write dub-con and non-con among riders... ;) That should send you into nirvana?

Emma Sea ponies and dub-con? *faints dead away*

message 12: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper {insert very dry voice}

Thought so ;)

Loederkoningin Ponies and dub-con?? Pick me, pick me!

message 14: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper Pick you? ;)

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