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Dinosaurs Without Bones by Anthony J. Martin
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it was amazing

This is a hell of a book. It is so good for the huge amount of fashinating hints and information that I should revise the opinion about the other dino books I have read so far.
Paleoichnology is fascinating beyond any expectation since it allows palentology to reconstruct the moment in which a trace was left and, if we are lucky enough, to surmise the environment that sorrounded the maker at the time. And what other animals were probably doing. And why they probably did what they did. I know that for most people there are too many "probably" but, ehi, it's paleontology and as all branches of historical science, you can hold on your pet hypothesis till new evidence comes and you have to discard it. However, this is not the point. Martin explains the logical conclusion presenting the evidence and discussing the implication. And yes, adding here and there a little bit of imagination. But always remaining in the realm of the "plausible" scenarios.
This is a book I would recommend even to those who know little about dinosaur anatomy.
I have loved it from the fist page to the very end.
My god what a book.

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December 24, 2018 – Started Reading
December 24, 2018 – Shelved
December 24, 2018 –
page 17
4.62% "The introduction shows the potential (albeit, probably, far-fetched) of ichnology on the study of dinosaurs."
December 25, 2018 –
page 40
10.87% "This is rapidly becoming the best - ever- book about dinosaur I have read so far. The subject is intriguing and utterly new to me; the writing is enthralling. Just... wow."
December 26, 2018 –
page 56
15.22% "Strategic importance of tracks: I never thought they might be important when discussing the extinction-level event of 65 mya. Well, it's all too logic! Tracks are the best testimony to an animals life."
December 27, 2018 –
page 66
17.93% "Jurassic Park citations are always welcome. Especially when it's remarked that the sequels are shitty. Or, according to the author's words, "awful".
Indeed, Lark Quarry events reconstruction is more exciting than all the stuff and stupid action scenes we've watched in the last two Jurassic World movie taken together."
December 30, 2018 –
page 117
January 4, 2019 –
page 140
38.04% "Burrowing dinosaurs. Fashinating."
January 15, 2019 –
page 214
January 16, 2019 –
page 263
71.47% "I use to be excited when I have a dinosaur book in my hands. This time, though, the feeling is to read something with a hell of new information, well weaved, "organic" in the sense that it all comes full circle. This book is so informative that perhaps for the first time ever, I read about dinosaurs with the certainty to be ignorant about them. It is not just about bones: it is about dinosaur ecology."
January 21, 2019 –
page 281
76.36% ""What'd you find?"
I grinned back, gestured toward the slab surface, and said, with a mixture of pride and awe, "Dinosaur tracks".

January 21, 2019 –
page 307
83.42% "The episode of the cassowary encounter in the wild was outstandingly described! I felt totally involved in the episode. What a thrill it should have been!"
January 22, 2019 –
page 315
January 24, 2019 – Finished Reading

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