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Shadow Souls by L.J. Smith
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Jan 17, 2012

really liked it

This book is part of the Return Trilogy of the Vampire Diaries Series. What I didn't mention before in the last book is that because Fell's Church, Virginia is a site of enormous supernatural, magical power, with ley lines all over it, it has attracted eldritch/supernatural creatures to the town. And among these creatures were two kitsune. Kitsune are Japanese Fox spirits. They are magical foxes that can shapeshift into humans and have tremendous magical power. They are like vampires in the sense that they feed off a human's chi/life force, but not blood. The two kitsune that came to Fell's Church wreaked havoc on the town and tricked and imprisoned Stefan in the last book. This second book in the trilogy is all about the main characters trying to save Stefan from the evil clutches of the Kitsune. In order to do that they have to enter the Dark Dimension with Damon, Stefan's brother. And they only have two clues given by one of the Kitsune as to how to find him. Stefan is languishing in a prison in the Dark Dimension. The book is nearly 600 pages long. The book before that was just about as long. So the story talks about the trials and tribulations the main characters have to endure to rescue Stefan in the Dark Dimension. The Dark Dimension is literally another Dimension that only Eldritch/supernatural creatures can enter at portal gates around the world. Humans can enter in the company of such creatures, but only as slaves. While the main characters are trying to save Stefan, Fell's Church is under supernatural attack by the two same Kitsune from the last book. They are very bad kitsune, but some kitsune are good. I can't really go in depth about the main characters because I don't want to give away plot spoilers. Because in past books a character or two died. And if I reveal too much it would ruin the series for you. And I want you to be as surprised and entertained as I was when I read the books. This book is very well-written. Many SAT words. I highly recommend this series to High School students. There are also characters there that speak French and Italian. The book is highly imaginative and you have to do some detective work. Suspenseful and thrilling for a young reader. Quite a few new characters are introduced in this series, secrets are revealed, temptations are in the air. In other words, the plot thickens. I'm ready to read the last book of this trilogy. The ending of the second book was a good one, but not without some surprises. Anyway, if you like fantasy, the supernatural, vampires...especially fantasy, you'll enjoy these books.

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