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A Whole New World by Liz Braswell
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did not like it

This book was ridiculously dark. It started out with going over the movie's beginning in detail, yet slightly changing details in every single scene. It grated on my nerves and dragged horrendously. Then, once it FINALLY gets to the part we've all known was coming (where Jafar gets the lamp) it gets shockingly dark. The original Aladdin movie is a fun, hysterical tale full of great one-liners and a light-hearted way of showing the truth is always best. Not so this book. This book is your worst nightmare. All the characters you knew and loved are completely gone, except for possibly Jasmine. Aladdin's not cheeky. The lovable Genie with Robin Williams ' warm heart and sense of humor is gone, replaced by some cardboard enslaved Genie. Even when he was enslaved by Jafar he was wild and funny. And even Jafar wasn't the same. We got to see what Jafar did when he got the lamp in the movie. He became sultan, enslaved Jasmine and her father, and was happy. All he wanted was to be sultan. Before Aladdin got the lamp, Jafar didn't even want Jasmine. He never would have created an army of the dead, and he certainly didn't care about anyone loving him as sultan. He wanted to gloat over the previous sultan, not murder him.
And that brings me to my biggest beef. This book is ridiculously violent. The sultan is murdered, the magic carpet is tortured and ripped up and never restored, the genie is tortured, countless civilians are tortured and murdered, even Iago is murdered, supposedly so Jafar could have one tiny glimpse into the future, which didn't seem to affect the story any. I find it hard to believe Jafar could ever murder his best friend.
And then there's the new characters. There were some random thieves named Duban and Morgiana, instead of Aladdin's chums Babkak, Omar, and Kassim. Seriously?
And there's the plot holes. The genie said he couldn't bring people back from the dead, but in the movie he said right after, "It's not pretty. I don't like doing it!" while impersonating a zombie. If all Jafar had wanted was an army of zombies, the Genie could have given it to him. And also, I know "Proud of Your Boy" was cut, but I believe it's still canon, and it says " I know I'm not perfect like Dad or you." His dad was supposed to be a good person Aladdin looked up to, not a jerk that abandoned them. And for crying out loud, he was a Disney parent! He was supposed to be dead.
I liked Reflection and Part of Your World, but I regret reading this book. I need to go watch the movie again to restore my good memories.

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