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Elephantmen Volume 3 by Moritat
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Jan 17, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: graphic-novel, noir, sci-fi

Elephantment definitely is better and better the farther along it gets.

The most noticeable thing about the issues in this volume is the new art direction. Changing from the computer coloured, more minimally lined art of Ladronn and Moritat, the 8 issues included in Vol. 3 of Elephantmen shows a markedly different style. More emphasis on traditional comic pencils and inking and colouring ranging from the pastel-ish, almost watercolour style of Marian Churchland to the straight up comic book stylings of Boo Cook, the series continues to be strong visually.

Story-wise we get a little more backstory on the war the Elephantmen were bred for, a highly destructive contest between China and Africa. Characters are more fleshed out and we get more insight in to not only the three main Elephantmen- Hip Flask, Ebony Hide and Obadiah Horn- but more on the female characters that have become main characters in their own right- Miki the Skycab pilot, Sahara, fiancee of Obadiah Horn and Vanity Case, Information Agency assistant to Hip Flask.

We're also treated to a growing conspiracy by unknown forces who seem bent on assassinating as many Elephantmen as possible, the killings carried out by The Silencer, former military trainer of the Elephantmen who was attacked and left for dead by Ebony Hide during their liberation. Now The Silencer kills them for money, but who's paying we don't know yet.

This is good stuff here and my small reviews can't do it all justice. I definitely recommend reading this if you like "funny animals" AKA anthropomorphic animals, hard boiled detective fiction, sci-fi and cyberpunk and just good old fashioned fun.

If I had anything negative to say about the Elephantmen series at this point, it would be the somewhat disturbing attraction some of the female characters have towards these massive animal men (They average 8 feet tall and some weigh close to a ton). I could understand it from an animal lover perspective, but Miki in particular seems to have a real lust for animal men and it really smacks of bestiality, and Sahara is engaged to be married to Obadiah Horn. Yes, the Elephantmen are humanoid, but they are enormous creatures, many of them having fingers as large around as a human arm or leg. To think that an average sized human woman could have a physical relationship with these creatures is a bit odd to say the least.

I have one other critique of the series, and it's not entirely unexpected. All the women characters are, of course, slim, busty and beatiful. They have perfect figures with curvaceous asses, gravity defying breasts and most walk around in diaphanous gowns, skintight outfights or cleavage and midriff baring tops. I mean, heck, look at the cover!

I'm sure very few comic book artists want to draw ugly or fat women, but I'm not asking for that. Maybe some normal clothes or proportions are all it would take to help deflect some of the obvious objectification. That being said, it's a minor complaint and something that I would entirely expect from the comic book medium. At the same time, I can't help but enjoy looking at sexily drawn women, I just wish they had even a slight sense of modesty or practicality.

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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor My favorite thing about Love and Rockets is the way the women are drawn. They are all different, many are on the heavier side, and rarely do they wear smutty clothes. Nice observation, you feminist man you.

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