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How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G.A. Aiken
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Ten years have passed and now Izzy is older and well, Eibhear is ...much older as well..and bigger. Time away from each other have made them different people. Eibhear is now Mi-runach, who are basically beserker warriors (super hot!) and Izzy is now General of Annwyl’s army (badass!). Neither one has had contact with each other in those ten years, so when Eibhear is forced to return home, he seeks out his wonderfully vain and manipulative sister, Keita. Keita says that Izzy is required back at home so she sends Eibhear to get her. Eibhear thinks that the letter he sent to Izzy years ago (in which he apologizes for his actions before) was sent to her and that she never replied. But in reality, his family burned the letter for his own good. I mean, really. You don’t apologize to a woman for being a douche in a letter. It’s cowardly!

So, when Eibhear finds out what his family did to his apology letter, he realizes how deep in shit he is in. Facing Izzy after ten years is going to bring back a lot of trouble. But it also brings back a lot of repressed emotions and chemistry.

As expected, Izzy does not forgive Eibhear easily. She makes him work for it...hard. For most of the book, they are fighting, but knowing Aiken and her writing skills, it’s always entertaining. Their bickering is almost like foreplay, just like Izzy’s parents.

I should mention that some people may be slightly disappointed in this book if they go into it expecting an epic romance. Don’t get me wrong, the romance is there, but quite a lot happens outside of the romance as well. With the book being 400+ pages long, there’s lots of page time for the build up of the next books in the series. Some would call it a “transition book” because Aiken brings minor characters into the forefront now so that their stories are ready to be told. Part of that takes away from Izzy and Eibhear’s parts. But to be honest, as I devoured every page, I never stopped to think, “Hey, where’s the romance?” I was completely enthralled by this book and simply couldn’t put it down.

Dare I say it? I thought this book was one of the funniest of the series. I tabbed all the pages that made me laugh out loud and now my book looks so colorful with all the post-it flags sticking out of it! Those pages are definitely going to be reread immediately.

All major characters are in this book and new characters are introduced as well. Frederik was a great new addition and I can’t wait to read more about him as well. Rhi, and the twins, Talan and Talwyn make some huge decisions in this book that will definitely be played out as the series goes on. I still can’t believe how much older they are in this book! Also, there’s a handy glossary at the beginning of the book that lists the places and the inhabitants of the Dragon Kin world. It was a nice touch and turned out to be very helpful.

In the end, although I would have liked to have more sexy scenes with Izzy and Eibhear, I really can’t complain. This book was epic and this series continues to be one of my favorite paranormals out there. Who can resist a dragon with blue hair? Just like Izzy, I know I can’t! I wish I could forget everything I just read and read it all again for the first time! Loved it!!
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Aly is so frigging bored You are such a big TEASE! Can't wait to read this one...

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) You will it's awesome!

Hbeebti Great review. I cant wait to grab my copy. I cant believe its been ten years for Izzy and Eibhear.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Thanks! I know, so awesome though.

Michelle the Romance Witch can't wait for my copy... dying to read this one

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Hope you love it Michelle!

message 9: by Carisa (new)

Carisa Sounds very good, just added it!

The Window Seat "I wish I could forget everything I just read and read it all again for the first time! Loved it!!" That is exactly how I feel! I'm now jealous of those who HAVEN'T read it as they still get to read it for the first time! :) Oh well, guess that is what rereads are for.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yay! I'm glad to hear you loved it as well, Aimee!!

Riverina Romantics I can't WAIT to get the time to read this!!! Great review honey

message 15: by Llsbear3 (new) - added it

Llsbear3 The way your review reads, I just hope I'm not disappointed
in the story not being an Izzy fan.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) I hope izzy grows on you in this book!

message 17: by Llsbear3 (new) - added it

Llsbear3 I DO NOT hate Izzy. I just think Eib is better off
without her. When ever she's around she is nothing
but trouble for Eib.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Haha, yes that's right. She does give him a whole lot of trouble!

message 19: by Llsbear3 (new) - added it

Llsbear3 She has been like that right from the start.

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Hey! Gwennies book was definitely the funniest lol!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yes and I liked briec too!

message 22: by Llsbear3 (last edited Sep 18, 2012 06:43AM) (new) - added it

Llsbear3 Best book - book 3
2nd best - book 4
3rd best - book 6
4th best - book 1
5th best - book 5
last & least - book 2

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