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Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn
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Perhaps this book was poorly titled, as I could not find 10 things I loved about this book. However, I did find 1 offensive thing I truly loathed.

The Bridgerton series secured Julia Quinn in place as my favorite romance author, and I have avidly anticipated the release of every single one of her books ever since. Her last few books have fallen short of the level of the early Bridgerton series, but I suppose that's rather expected.

This book didn't just fall short of her usual work. It fell straight into my trashcan and stayed there.

Now, I admit, most of it is not terrible. I didn't find it very captivating, but the main characters were pleasant enough. What was a fairly lackluster book took a turn for the worse at the end, which was was fairly disturbing to me.

Any author that uses rape (or attempted rape) as a plot device should be aware that it is a very serious crime, which should have serious consequences. Of course, rape was not historically treated as it is today, and so modern consequences may not be plausible within a historical fiction context. That said, it should never be brushed aside with a cavalier attitude, as if the perpetrator (or attempted perpetrator) is nothing more than a rascally scamp. There should not be a reaction that borders on good-natured teasing about such behavior.

The author's treatment of this behavior in this novel - including the comeuppance that comes with it - was downright disturbing to me and has made me leery of her future books.

This book has been thrown in the trash, where it rightly belongs. And Julia Quinn, who had once been the author who got me reading romance novels to begin with, has now been taken off my "must read" authors' list.
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Lucy Yes. Exactly.

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