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Changeling by Kelly Meding
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Jan 16, 2012

it was amazing
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Holy f*ck! Seriously, and in all honesty, those were the first two words out of my mouth when I finished this book. Thank goodness the kids weren’t around. But my aunt and uncle were. They just pretended they didn’t hear me and walked away. That was a good idea; I needed some time on my own to let things soak in a bit.

Changeling by Kelly Meding is the second book in her Meta Wars series and it is a non-stop-you-barely-have-time-to-breath sort of book. There are SO many twists that I totally lost count. And most of these twists are of the “whoa…” variety. I mean, where does Kelly come up with this stuff?! Her imagination never ceases to amaze me. I’m thinking that it’s not a pretty place in her head but boy is it ever full of crazy messed-up-in-the-very-best-way stuff. And I am so glad she chooses to share it with us.

In this series, each book is told from a different character’s point of view. That alone I find really cool. The first book, Trance, was about and told from Teresa/Trance’s perspective. Super heroes, and of course super villains, were everywhere a while back when suddenly they all lost their powers only to gain them once again out of the blue one day. Trance is about how the heroes and villains deal with receiving their powers and about how Teresa becomes leader of the good-guys. Changeling is told from Dahlia/Ember’s point of view. She didn’t have powers before – they just sort of showed up when the other Metas (good-guys with super powers) got theirs back. In this book we follow how she is adapting and what she learns about herself. Boy, do we ever.

I do like Dahlia quite a bit. She’s a little lost and a little awkward but she wants to be self-confident and sure of herself and her powers. Even though she can absorb heat and is good with fire, she seems completely real. She takes everything that she learns about herself really well. And trust me, she learns a boat load. She grows quite a bit in this book and her journey is nice to watch. As for what she is doing next…that is going to be interesting to see. I am assuming Kelly will be touching on that in the next book (which is going to be told from Ethan’s perspective).

All of the regulars that we meet in the first book are back of course. Teresa (love her), Gage (love him), Marco (love him), Renee (I really want to like her) and Marco (love him). There are also a slew of new characters that we meet in this installment and they all play a very important role in the story…and that’s all I am going to say about them. *grin*

One thing that I found Kelly did exceptionally well is what she did with the villain. At first, we think he is terrible and doing horrible things. We want him to hurt. Then we find out that he’s not that bad and that maybe there is a reason for what he is doing. Then she has us questioning whether or not he really even IS a villain. We think maybe he’s just misunderstood and deserves a fair chance like everyone else. I can’t tell you how many times I questioned my feelings for the villain while reading this. Kelly, really, you outdid yourself with this one.

I would go into the story a little more with you but really, there is just too much to tackle so I’m not even going to try. You just have to read it. Can you jump right into this one without having read the first book? I think so. But it really is neat to see how the characters deal with getting their powers back and how they come together as a group for one common goal and that’s all told in the first book. It’s a good read and very different from anything I’ve ever read. I mean, it’s about people with super powers! And it’s dark and edgy and gritty and is full of Kelly’s crazy imagination that I talked about earlier. The next book is going to be released through Simon and Schuster’s new Pocket Star venture that will specialize in Digital-First books. Tempest is due out in 2013.

I’m telling you, when I finished this book I went to my reading schedule and changed it around a bit so I can squeeze in a contemporary read. Changeling drained me completely…in an utterly wonderful way. It was impossible not to get immediately invested in this story, gripping you from page one. It made me think about what truly makes a villain and what truly makes a hero. Overall, this book left me on my a** but left me there knowing that I had just read one hell of a book.
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Zendastark So glad! I have it!!! Now I can't wait! ;) EAger to read your review!

Julie Zendastark wrote: "So glad! I have it!!! Now I can't wait! ;) EAger to read your review!"

Review due to go up on Thursday :)

Julie Zendastark wrote: "So glad! I have it!!! Now I can't wait! ;) EAger to read your review!"

Oops, I mean Friday. lol

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