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Sever by Lauren DeStefano
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Jan 15, 2012

bookshelves: 2013, dystopian
Read on February 09, 2013


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Reading Progress

02/09/2013 page 23
5.0% "Something comes surging up behind his eyes, some argument of love or vengeance. Something that's been building every second I've been away. And I want it, whatever it is. Want to hold it in both hands like his leaping heart that's been ripped from his chest Want to warm it with my body heat."
02/09/2013 page 36
9.0% "Her lower eyelids have gone pink, a wavering line of tears tracing them. We know how unlikely it is that we'll ever see each other again."
02/09/2013 page 38
9.0% ""Bet you never eat," he says. "Bet you drink up the oxygen like it's butter. Bet you can go for days on nothing but thoughts.""
02/09/2013 page 49
12.0% "The silence adds a foreign element to the air, polluting the moonlight, making my throat tight, the crickets extra loud. Planets are leaning in to listen. And finally I can't take it anymore."
02/09/2013 page 60
15.0% "I love Lauren DeStefano because she makes ordinary sentences beautiful. Two back-to-back examples:
"It skipped his father and buried itself in him, like it knew he would do better things with it."-pg 53
"He wants the jars that have caught the morning light; I think he believes they hold little pieces of the sun."-60"
02/09/2013 page 80
20.0% "Bombshell! (albeit, I was wondering if it would happen...but yes, she went there...!)"
02/09/2013 page 130
33.0% "Chemical gardens!!!!
Some intense info was just revealed!!!"
02/09/2013 page 138
35.0% "...He and I found a fallen star...I guess it was just some scrapmetal...But in the early morning when we first saw it, the edges caught the rising sun at odd angles, and it appeared to be on fire. ...He said it might be dangerous, and I knew that he was right. I saw all the jagged edges and rust, understood the treachery of the dark crevices it bore. Still, I wanted to think there was something special about it."

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