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My Name is Not Easy by Debby Dahl Edwardson
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Jan 15, 2012

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Read from January 15 to 24, 2012

once again a book has opened my eyes to issues never introduced...I had no idea children in Alaska were sent away from their parents for school starting at the age of on earth did their mothers cope...
this story was difficult to get into...there were too many names - too many directions coming in at the same time...I never felt as a reader that I was in the story or watching it seemed as if no one subject was given more than a line or two...the cover states "an extraordinary tale of love, betrayal, and above all, survival"...never saw it...the oldest brother is starting the fourth grade - so that makes him tenish...I know it's the early 60's but would a school - a Catholic one at that - expect a ten year old to hunt down moose to feed the others? maybe, but I can't see it...the head priest beating boys with a 2 X 4...hey I went to Catholic school (very near the 60's)...they beat the students with many objects but a 2 X 4 seems very much like a murder weapon and I would think when used with the force this priest was pictured as doing many students would have been paralyzed...and the US goverment testing done on the students according to race?...without the parents consent because the Catholic church said it was okay?...awful
the part where the church adopted out one of the brothers without consent was a surprise to me...I had just watched a documentary on the children in Spain who had been stolen and sold by the Catholic church and I was appaulled to learn that it was common place from the 50/90's...then - thru this read - I learn they had done the same in the USA ?...
okay, so this was not an adult read and perhaps a child of 12 can only handle so much action in a novel...fine...while this book did not wow me it did give me much to ponder and a ton to research...I would recommend it to the middle schooler...perhaps even the grade schooler as there was no violence or drugs or other inappropriate matters...
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