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Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich
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Jan 15, 2012

it was amazing

If Stephanie Plum didn’t have bad luck, she would have no luck at all. While some may think it’s good luck that Stephanie’s boss Vinnie has been kidnapped, Stephanie knows her family would never let her live it down if she didn’t bring him home.

So, on top of the FTA’s that Stephanie needs to capture to even buy groceries, she’s in charge of finding her sleaze ball boss. And of course he wasn’t just kidnapped by someone because of his good looks, it’s more of a money thing…and a mob thing.

Good luck, as always, Stephanie has a great cast to help out and with a little luck from her Uncle Pip’s lucky bottle, they may just get away from all of this alive, and with Vinnie alive (but is that what anyone really wants?)

Shooo….am I rested… A little bloggy break was definitely good for my soul. I’ve knocked out four books off my TBR list on my bookshelf, got some knitting done and some napping, especially in the last few days. But now it’s back to business, and what a better way than with Ms. Stephanie Plum? She has been one of my favorite characters since my mother-in-law and sister-in-law twisted my arm to read this series (they didn’t have to twist very hard). These books are hilarious and make me laugh from start to finish, with a little explosion every now and then to remind me Stephanie is a bounty hunter, not a comedian.

It’d been a while since I’d read a Plum novel, and I think I’m actually two behind now, but this book was just as great as all the other ones. And one of the things I like most about this series is that you can take a little break between them and still know what’s going on when you pick up the next one. It’s nice to know the background between Stephanie, Morelli and Ranger, but it’s not pertinent to enjoying the series.

This is a great series if you need a nice pick me up and a good laugh.

This book in particular has some great moments, from the hobbit convention, to the multiple explosions that aren’t all Stephanie’s fault for a change, to a sale of all the goods in the bonds office, to stink bombs…yes, stink bombs.

I give Sizzling Sixteen 5 bookmarks.


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