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A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar
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Jan 15, 2012

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After seeing the film I very much wanted to know more of "A Beautiful Mind", particularly John's wife Alicia. After reading the prologue I wasn't sure I wanted to read so much detail of such a challenging life. The book appears to be well-documented and well-written. The chapter titles help to spot read. I read enough to realize that the movie made the story much more palatable than reality and that I really didn't want to read much more. No surprise there; it was a very hard life. The chapters I read at the end gave interesting insight into the humor of John Nash after all that he had been through to salvage his sanity and yet make a difference. It was inspiring to read of the influence and tolerance of colleagues. Spoilers ahead. The marriage was not what the film portrayed it to be. That said, from what I've read of updates the couple have remarried after years apart and then together. Perhaps that makes them even more admirable. Nash's Noble acceptance speech was not at all what sentimental me admired in the film. There is colateral damage from his life in the next generation and there is apparently a lot of hope as Nash works through relationships with both his sons. What is important is that John Nash is a survivor of a very challenging life as well as a contributor and so is Alicia. There is dignity in trying to repair. Life is difficult, yet has great rewards. To continue to win as much as John and Alicia Nash do over such great odds is amazing and inspiring. That said, perhaps I'll feel to read the book completely in the future. This isn't the time. Time to read something light.

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