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Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
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it was ok
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It wasn't bad as chicklit goes, but I don't know how sympathetic I can be to characters who are betraying their fiancees and best friends. Plus, in order to make the cheating something "okay," a lot of energy is put into making Darcy really off-putting and Rachel really kind of pathetic. I liked Hilary and Ethan a lot (though in all other chick lit books Ethan would have been either gay or the guy Rachel actually ended up with), but the central relationships just left me cold.

Eh. Apparently I can't get behind cheating and being rewarded for it. Who knew I was so morally inflexible?

I'd like to read one of her other books, because I did enjoy the writing and her handle on some of the main things I look for in chick lit -- fast-track career, portrait of the city, circle of friends, consumerism, etc.
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Stephanie I read this book and to my suprise finished it. I never enjoy books about someone stealing someones mate, but in this case it was not offensive. Her friend was self centered enough that you didn't really care for her character very much. I do think that it had a moral point, after all, their lies caught up with them and they were caught, red handed. I like that they got caught because the lying was getting on my nerves. HE seemed like a pansy for that. I do think that in reality their relationship would have huge trust issues.

Megan This is so funny - I just posted my review of this book, and then scrolled down to read some of the others to see if I'm just odd or anybody else felt the same way - and yours matches mine almost exactly! :) Great minds think alike!

Charity I felt like you did too... Also, I suspected that Ethan would be the one she ended up with too. I recall telling one of my friends who had recommended this book, "I don't know what I'll do if she ends up with Dex, but I won't like it."

I'm still planning on reading Something Blue, just to see where Giffin takes it, though.

Leah I was reading thoughts of others on this and I stumbled on this one. I don't think the effort was to make Darcy look mean or I think it was a way into seeing Darcy through Rachel's eyes. I thought she was hilarious. I was angry at times with Rachel's decision because no matter what, Darcy was her best friend and Darcy had great moments of being a great friend to her. Darcy is flawed, but so is Rachel and everyone else. I don't think Giffin wrote this way to make Darcy look as though she deserves it because no one deserves to be cheated on no matter if she slept around or not. No one deserves it. I think she wrote this way about Darcy so that we could see that she wasn't as perfect as Rachel viewed her. That Darcy does have flaws. I was ANGRY with Rachel when she continued her relationship with Dex because I thought about how I would feel if she did that with my own husband! I would be upset. But nothing could shake the fact that I found Rachel lovable still and I don't want her relationship to end with Darcy either. She is a good friend and I would hate to lose that in my own life.

message 5: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin You summed it up for me. The only thing that saved it was the first few pages of the next book - Something Blue. Maybe reading something from Darcy's point of view will help to balance it for me.

Elizabeth I'm with you on this one. I too had a hard time getting behind the cheating in this book. And at some point I wanted Rachel to stand up for herself and not be such a pushover. It made me sad that she constantly compared herself to Darcy and never though herself worthy of happiness and a smokin' hot man!

Danielle i liked the book, but yeah, rach is a big bitch. once you get away from the moral standpoint, it's easier to digest. i think dex and rach and darce are all idiots with stupid nicknames.

Echo The cheating really, really bothered me too. But it wasn't so much the cheating itself. If Darcy had been a complete stranger to Rachel, I might have sympathized with Rachel. But betraying your friend like that? It didn't just make Rachel unsympathetic to me, it made me hate her.

message 9: by Mimi (new)

Mimi I agree with you.I can never sympathize with people who cheat on their partners.It shows like an "Ok" thing in movies and books and people are generally very sympathetic with the lead characters because they are our favorite actors/actress/protagonist,but is it really that OK in real life?Especially for the person that is being cheated on?

message 10: by Ash (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ash Leonard I totally agree! As for the cheating, I think if Rachel cheated and acknowledged the fact she cheated, instead of trying to always pass it off as something innocent or "out of their control", she would be a more likeable character. Let's call a spade a spade.The character needed more of a backbone to be someone I empathised with, or at least someone I could read about without getting frustrated.

Michelle Brown I resisted this book until the movie came out and only then did I sit in a Borders and read it. The back flap makes a terrible sounding case for Rachel's decision to start something with Dex. I've always been a believer in the idea that you dont mess with any man your friends have dated, for the rest of life. What swayed me about this book is that Dex and Darcy were a terrible couple and Rachel was so deep in her inferiority complex that she didn't step up and tell her best friend that she wasn't getting married for the right reasons. A good best friend wouldn't have used this fact as an excuse to carry on with Dex, and he was quite a weak character, but he would have made someone a good husband and Rachel decided it should be her.

Jolene Haack Literally my exact feelings when I read this.

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