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The Sleeping Dragon by Jonny Nexus
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it was amazing

Going beyond the game

Recently, there have been many popular stories set on a modern world that includes magic, from Harry Potter to the Dresden Files. All of these, however, seem to take our world and add magic to it. In the manaverse which Jonny Nexus sets his latest book, he instead takes a medieval fantasy world and builds a modern society grown from it's magical inheritance. So magic doesn't just replace modern science, it IS modern science.

In the days of knights and dragons, you easily knew who the heroes were. In modern society, it is much less clear. Sports figures and rock stars have become modern heroes, even if many do not deserve the title. Modern heroes don't meat in a tavern to talk with a figure in the shadows, so it can take a bit more to bring them together. Trying to find out both who and why they have been pulled from their lives sets off an epic modern day quest, which, like all decent quests, only has the entire world at stake.

Jonny Nexus got his start in the wild world of RPGs ( the real pen and paper kind, not the video approximation that attempts to take the title), and his first book "Game Night" ( and it's sequel short story "Saving Stone" ) takes a fantastic look at gaming and the hilarious things that go on at the game table that all of us who played D&D fondly remember and relate to. Now, while he is no longer following the players, it still has the feel of not just a great story, but of a well run game campaign.

The classic adventuring party of a fighter, thief, cleric, wizard and bard are updated for a world based on magic as science. But the characters quickly move beyond these simple tropes to be people we con care about and are interested in. Making magical modern versions of these classic roles works very well, and made for a great read (a bard as a rick star is simply brilliant).

Even as the book started to reach it's climax it was able to both acknowledge and avoid many of the tropes found in both fantasy and modern adventures. A great story that both gave hints as to where it was going but also had surprises to keep you on your toes.

As soon as I finished it, I wanted more. Not just more stories with these characters in this world, but I wanted to make my own character and play on this world. And I wanted to watch it as well - I would love to have this as my next program to binge watch on Netflix.

Overall a great book, and I just wish it didn't have to end.
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