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The Laws of Happiness by Ryuho Okawa
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Jan 14, 2012

really liked it
Read in August, 2009 — I own a copy

Actually, the book WAS amazing, but I cannot in good conscience give 5 stars to some guy who claims to have created mankind and resurrected Jesus Christ. That aside, the book itself says nothing about this. It looks utterly sane, more so than most people I know. Perhaps he wrote this before he got the revelation that he was the Big G?

But as always with Ryuho Okawa's books, I worry that if I praise it, people will run off and worship him as God or Buddha. This seems to have happened to a lot of people who liked his books or benefited from them, and lately the author has rather encouraged this. That is heartbreaking, because I enjoyed the book greatly and has benefited from it more than from most books I can think of. I did not at the time know the full extent of Okawa's blasphemy, but that he considered himself a god from Venus and the reincarnation of Hermes and the Shakyamuni Buddha. There is a saying, attributed to Aristotle, that "no great genius has existed without a touch of madness". And it was clear to me at a brief look that this was the work of a great genius indeed. But from there to claiming to be God the Heavenly Father... well, I don't think I would have benefited much from the book if I knew that.

Specifically it was his writing about our work as a calling, an opportunity to give back love to this world that has allowed us to live even though we were born naked and helpless -- even now few of us can survive for long without the help of other humans. Employment, for those who can at all find it, is our chance to pay back this debt and add some of the divine love that ought to be added to this world by those who have had an encounter with the Truth. He also included some practical advise about how to improve your work, as well as your intellectual ability in general. The whole chapter about acquiring knowledge really opened up a larger bandwidth in my life, and I can now read books that would have been hard for me in my younger years. But the greatest change was in my job.

For a long time I had seen work as a curse that God put on mankind, and one to be shirked whenever I could get away with it. I should have known better, having read the Bible several times, but over the years my heart had been hardened and I had become immune to the Truth. Only when the bright light came in from a different and unexpected angle through this book, did I wake up and repent my wasted work life. From then on, this part of my life has changed. Although I have much to catch up on, my boss and my nearest coworker have both commented on the great improvement in my work and attitude. What is more, I now enjoy going to work on Monday morning, and hope I can continue to improve until my old age.

May all blasphemous authors have such an effect on their readers.

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Dylan Elmer Judge the tree (Okawa) by his fruit. His message is incredibly powerful, and his ideas always work when put into practice! His theories also make total sense and are provable. He literally proves his authenticity as El Cantare through his works. He must be El Cantare!

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