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Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass
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really liked it
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Overall these were all really charming and such cute short stories. They were wonderful and really refreshing reads. They were fast-passed and made me smile :) Some much more than others. I loved reading from the different point of views and I am so so happy that I took the time to read this. Each story brought a little something special to the table. Also though very simple, the illustrations are lovely and a great addition. I really liked looking at the map as well. I recommend this to ALL fans of The Selection series! You will not be disappointed.

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“There was something about her.. Even the way she didn't like me drew me in, and I couldn't help but smile.”

This one was just alright for me. I didn't love it but I can't say I hated it either. It's written in Prince Maxon's POV which was initially what drew me in. It takes place a couple of weeks before The Selection which is on his 19th birthday. I really enjoyed the first few chapters. The ones that took place before. It was nice seeing all the preparations for the 'lottery' that wasn't a lottery at all! It was wonderful to be inside Maxon's head, to see his fears and doubts throughout the whole prosses and what his expectations were going into it and whether or not if he'd find love in the end. I have loved Maxon from day one and this just helped solidify it even more. He's charming, sweet, passionate, a bit sheltered and he generally cares about the selection and each one of the girls. I also enjoyed having his thoughts on the girls as well. Especially the one he has about America :) Maxon is so easy to love! The last couple of chapters were retellings of Maxon and America's first few encounters in The Selection just through Maxon's eyes instead. They were pretty boring because it was basically the same. It does give us some good insights though.

Illustration of Maxon & What I picture he'd look like.


“Accepting help is its own kind of strength”

Again... This was just an okay read. Aspen's POV really didn't add all that much to the story. Shame because I was looking most forward to his. I was hoping for something more sadly this just didn't deliver. On the other hand, it was nice getting a look into his thoughts and feelings and his desires. Aspens POV gives us insight into King Clarkson's nature, motivations, manipulative ways, and his cruelty. I liked getting to see the relationship's form between him and America's maids Anne, Mary and Lucy and the respect they have for him and see the love they have for America. It was nice seeing Aspen's camaraderie with the other guards. Also, I enjoyed the couple scenes between Aspen and the old man who works in the stables. The old man gives some pretty good advice too :) My rating for this story has nothing to do with my liking or not liking Aspen. It's solely based on the content and the entertainment factor which was low in my opinion. And... For the record, I have always loved Aspen ever since the first book! Not necessarily with America but his dedication to America remains steadfast throughout EVERYTHING and he's caring, sweet and all around a wonderful person.

Illustration of Aspen & What I picture he'd look like.


“You will be the only thing in this world that is truly mine. And I will put you on a pedestal so high, it will be impossible for anyone not to adore you.”

This was surprisingly a very delightful read. It's in Amberly's POV and takes place during her very own Selection with Clarkson. For the record, I have never liked Clarkson. He was always portrayed as a mean hurtful tyrant in the first 3 books therefore so my dislike for him lingers in this. Amerly is such a sweet and caring person, though if you've read all the other books then you already know this about her. I didn't love the fact that she was so submissive, whatever he told her to do she would jump. But ya know whatever if it worked for them then so be it. Amberly got what shes always wanted- Clarkson and a whole new life. And Clarkson got a little peace of mind. I do believe their love for one another is genuine at least :) I loved getting a chance to see how Maxon's parents met, I just wish I knew why Clarkson went from this kind-ish guy to be such a hateful man.

Illustration of Queen Amberly & What I picture she'd look like.

Illustration of King Clarkson & What I picture he'd look like.


“I’d rather have my last memory be of his death than suffer knowing that his last memory was of mine.”

Wow! This was really fantastic!! I gotta say this is my favorite. This is in Marlee's POV and we get a look into Marlee and Carter's relationship, how they first met, how they fell in love and what happened to them after the caning. I love all the extra juicy details into there relationship and I really enjoyed seeing a few scenes that happened throughout The Selection series but through Marlee's eyes. I have been dying to see what exactly led up to that intense and heartbreaking moment that tore at my heartstrings in The Elite and this did not disappoint whatsoever!

I have adored Marlee from day one when America met her on the plane on there way to the palace in The Selection. In which they became fast friends. Marlee is such an amazing character and I absolutely love her!! So to have this story and in her POV I was beyond thrilled. I love Marlee and America's friendship and I admire her relationship with Carter it melted my heart. Marlee and Carter's relationship was so beautiful and touching and the love they have for one another was so inspiring. I love that even with EVERYTHING... all that they suffered and endured they still managed to persevere. And that ending was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more :)

Illustration of Marlee & What I picture she'd look like.

Illustration of Carter & What I picture he'd look like.


“For the first time maybe ever, it didn't matter if I looked beautiful or not. I felt it.”

Scenes from Celeste are just that. Three different short scenes from Celestes Perspective. Which includes The Arrival (meeting America, Marlee, and Ashley), The Kiss (Celeste trying to seduce Maxon) and The Departure (leaving the selection).

I really despised Celeste throughout The Selection series but she won me over in The One. Celeste was the main villain in The Selection series and I gotta admit I loved hating her... but I loved getting to love her even more. I just wish she would have realized all her errors much sooner than she did because I would have loved to have more time with her. In The Selection, we meet this mean, manipulative and vindictive girl who was there for all the WRONG reasons. But once she realizes all her stupid petting mistakes we get to see a whole other side to her. We get to see her vulnerability and kindness and her chance at redemption. She turns out to be such a wonderfully sweet person and an even better friend to America. The ending to The One seriously Broke. My. Heart!

Scenes from Celeste gives us a better understanding of her actions and I really loved being inside of her head even though they were extremely too damn short! I would have loved having so so much more :)

Illustration of Celeste & How I picture she'd look like.

THE MAID: ★★★★★

“It hurt to think of his lips on mine, of all the possibilities he's whispered to me in darkened rooms. He felt so real, so possible.”

The Maid is in Lucy's POV (America's maid) and it takes place during The One when they are all on the plane heading back to the palace after visiting with America's family and Maxon calls them all back two days early because he's finally ready to end The Selection and pick his Princess :)

I fell in love with this! I can't believe it actually brought tears to my eyes 😭. It seriously made my heart soar with happiness and admiration. I loved getting a look into Lucy and Aspen's relationship and I am so happy that they ended up together. Lucy was always my favorite out of the maids. As for Aspen, I have always adored and respected him. Whereas Lucy was fragile and quite Aspen was strong and brave. Aspen was Lucy's knight in shining armor and she really needed someone like him in her life. Aspen gave her the strength she needed to come out of her shell and gave her hopes and dreams beyond anything she'd ever allow herself to wish for. This was one of the best couplings and I would love to have an actual book of there story. This was such a sweet and tender story about unexpected love and I truly enjoyed it. There love for one another is true and beautiful. This was such a strong addition! I WANT MORE!!!

“Everyday you say something or do something that challenges me, changes me.” “You think you walk, Lucy? I think you fly. You see yourself in a uniform? I see you in a cape. You're a hero, of the quietest but most genuine nature.”

Illustration of Lucy & What I picture she'd look like.


“I knew we were only just getting to the best part of our lives.”

The Epilogue is another really short story which is in America's POV. It takes place two years after The Selection has ended and it's on Maxons birthday.

I didn't really have a strong connection with The Epilogue. It felt a bit rushed and I think for something like this it would have benefited from being a little longer. For what this was though I did still enjoy it and I'm glad I took the couple minutes it took to read it. It was very sweet and I loved getting to see little glimpses of the friendship that has formed between Maxon and Aspen and I liked seeing a little bit of May and that Marlee and Carter have a one-year-old son named Kile. But it did kinda feel like it was just tossed in there. I also love that it took place on Maxons birthday. America throws him a party and has such a wonderful surprise in store for him at the end.

Illustration of Maxon & America and what I picture they'd look like.


I guess this was a nice way to wrap up the series. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? shows us what happens to Kriss, Natalie, and Elise after they left the Selection. It was nice getting a little more background on them, but I really wasn't a fan of the way the story was told. It all felt really rushed and I wish it would have gone into a little more depth but they're all doing pretty much what you'd expect. I felt the saddest for Kriss because she had it the hardest time after but I'm truly happy she and the other two girls eventually found there HEA's as well :) I probably would have enjoyed this much more if Kiera Cass wrote from their perspective. That being said it was a quick and easy read-only containing 11 pages so I figured I might as well read it. This was really a bittersweet moment for me!

What I picture Kirss, Natalie and Elise would look like.
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