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Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O'Connell
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Jan 14, 2012

really liked it
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4.5. I want to give it 5 stars- because it was amazing, and there's little I would change, but some technical flaws won't let me, however minor they may be.

I happened upon this author when her story,Dancing on Coals, hit everyone's fav list a little while back and everyone who read it raved over it. I, of course, had to try it for myself and, much to my delight, found it to be an incredible tale as well!

I actually think I like this story better...

As always with a one I truly love, I'm struggling to write a review on Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold. (Perhaps Ellen O'Connell's first historical romance novel? Have to confirm that one.)

The characters, :sigh:. the characters- I have not come across a couple in a romance novel in quite some time, where I fell so completely in love. Cord and Anne's deep affection for each other- with no struggle and no doubt- radiated from the pages from word one.

Perhaps it was because we joined their story when everything became "you and me (and thereby us) against the world" for them? My guess is yes, because I gotta tell ya, there is nothing that cements a couple together quite like that. (In real life and in fantasy.)

SO the story begins with the heroine, Anne, fleeing from her parents because her ignorant and cruel father for some reason thought it wise to lock her up until such time as she capitulated to an arranged marriage. Somehow she manages to escape and ends up cold and starving on the farm of Cord Bennett, a half white/half Native American whom she once called friend when they were both children. Cord warms her up and feeds her but is determined to send her on her way, because he knows if she stays with him, someone of mixed heritage, trouble will come down on her head like rain.

Only before he has time to send her off, her father rides in with a posse.

Things get out of hand quickly and both are brutally beaten and left for dead, after a bizarre twist of events leaves them married by the cowardly reverend who just happened to be in the posse.

But they survive- much to Anne's grit and determination.

Now all they want is to be left alone and a chance to make their marriage real, but narrow-minded townsfolk- including their own families- have other ideas, and her deranged father will not let it go until his daughter is back under his control- and Cord Bennett is dead.

I can't tell you how much I loved this book. Sure it's overly melodramatic at times and the ending is a tad deus ex machina- (view spoiler) and some scenes are indeed confusing due to referencing rather than showing, but because of the deeply empathetic characters it's fairly easy to gloss over. (Its a debut- some grace should be given, imo.)

But as a whole? Srsly- This is one author to watch. If you are a historical romance reader- you really need to try it! ;)
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5.0% "Wow. Starts with a bang."
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6.0% "Holy Frack! probably shouldnt have started this one right after reading a Steig Larsson. but I'm hooked and cant seem to stop!"
January 14, 2012 –
12.0% "I dont know who Ellen O'Connell is but I like her stuff. Quality $2.99 western romance ebooks? unheard of... till now."
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60.0% "This is such a good book. Can I just say how much I love Cord and Anne? Well I do."
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70.0% "Srsly. Hist-rom readers. Why arent you reading this author? :D"
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Ctanner Well you sold me. I just ordered it for my Kindle. Thanks.

Zeek ooo cant wait to hear what you think! I finished it but am waiting to get my thoughts together to review it to make it official. So hard to review books I really like!

Kristiej Isn't this book grand? I enjoyed it just a tad bit more than Dancing on Coals too though not by much. And it really worked for me, the explanation as to why her father did and acted the way he did. Didn't excuse it, but made sense. I think I've read this one four times so far and I think there will be more.

Have you read Sing my Name yet? It also a wonderful, emotional book.

Zeek Have you read Sing my Name yet? It also a wonderful, emotional book.

I have it downloaded and ready to go! :D

Kristiej I loved it too though there was a lengthy separation between the heroine. It didn't bother me, but I know that irks some readers.

I find her such an emotional writer and I'm such an emotional reader that I don't even see the flaws that others could pick up on. So while there may be flaws, I can get so 'into' her books I don't even see them :-)

message 6: by Zeek (last edited Jan 18, 2012 12:33PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Zeek I'm the same way- if the characters can put me in that space, I'm able to get passed any technical flaws. (besides those sorta things smooth out in time anyway!)

Its when an author that's been around for awhile starts disregarding the basics AND doesnt bother to get us to empathize with their characters that I cant manage it.

There was a separation in Dancing too if I recall, which, I will admit makes me anxious and I find myself needing to guard against skimming until they are together. But I dont mind it either in the end, because it does make for a more emotional read, imo.

Kristiej There was that rather lengthy separation in Broken Wing that I know many found annoying but I felt added to the growth of Gabriel. I rely the same way about Sing my Name. The separation really results in the growth of the heroine.

And I know what you mean about skimming. I had to fight against it in Broken Wing and I had to a bit in Sing My Name. I had to keep telling myself if I did skip or skim I would miss some major character development. It isn't easy though when you want to make sure everything turns out right, even though the very nature of the genre insures it will.

Zeek yes that's it exactly!

(Broken wing- shoot, I still have to read that one! it and Highland Rebel: A Tale of a Rebellious Lady and a Traitorous Lordare in my tbr pile too!

MelissaB Great review Zeek! I still need to read this one.

Kristiej Lol. For some reason I thought you had read it. It zoomed straight upto my all time favourite book. I read it back to back three or four times before I could move on to the next book. Broken Wing I mean.

message 11: by Zeek (new) - rated it 4 stars

Zeek Kristiej wrote: "Lol. For some reason I thought you had read it. It zoomed straight upto my all time favourite book. I read it back to back three or four times before I could move on to the next book. Broken Wi..."

It's def. on my radar!

message 12: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully Great review Zeek!

message 13: by Zeek (new) - rated it 4 stars

Zeek AgentScully wrote: "Great review Zeek!"

Thanks- really a great book!

message 14: by Quinn (new) - added it

Quinn Great review, Zeek. I had stayed away from this one due to all the past hoopla on Ami, but you have convinced me to take the plunge!

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