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Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick
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This book is based on the the African American singer, Dionne Warwick's childhood and how she found her inspiration to be a singer. The book has a strong Christian message of prayer and shows how Dionne first sang in the church choir where her grandfather was the pastor.

The book's opening follows "Little D" as she greets all of the people in her neighborhood, using different languages for the different ethnicities. And Little D goes about her life playing games and considering different types of careers until she finds her top talent--singing. In the end of the book, Little D encourages the readers to find their top talent.

The illustrations are beautiful, realistic drawings showing Little D and characters from various ethnic backgrounds. The cover art is especially powerful showing the tiny Little D on the Apollo stage in front of a packed audience.

There is also a complimentary CD in the back with two songs recorded by Dionne Warwick.

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