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The Raie'Chaelia by Melissa Douthit
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Jan 13, 2012

did not like it
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Yet another update 10 April 2012

I read this on the author's blog:

My advice to those who don’t like long descriptions or info-dumping is this: don’t read fantasies that introduce new worlds. The reason is because world-building in these types of books is very important and is something upon which the author spends a good deal of effort. You cannot introduce a new world without descriptions or world-building information. It just can’t be done. If an author tried, the reader would be so lost, they wouldn’t be able to follow the story and then they would really complain. No. The world in which the characters live is essential and cannot be ignored.

Which of course is her way of justifying her prose and ginormous wads of information.

To which I must say;

I know fantasy novels need to lay out their world. I think
other reviewers have noted on the infodumping, and I think almost everyone will agree with me when I say there is a SMART way to get this kind of information across; a FUN and ENTERTAINING way that won't get readers bored ---- and then there is the LAZY way; ie through ONE CHARACTER EXPLAINING IT to another like a fucking schoolchild explaining the rules of pythagoras to another, which is exactly what's happening in this book.

So don't try to justify your infodumping, missy.


"world-building in these types of books is very important and is something upon which the author spends a good deal of effort."

Here's a little gem: Keep that "good deal of effort" to yourself. Meaning, it's great that you have all this background about your world and everything, but if it isn't relevant to the story, DON'T unload it upon us. In other words, if you really feel the need to infodump on us, at least choose what's actually important for us to know.


Update 28 Feb 2012

I can't for the life of me finish this.

Too much description. I mean, too much.

Too much mary-sueness.

Too many pages. Toooooo muuuuuuccchhhhh.


GAH! Accidentally deleted this and all my notes :(


Reading this as part of the self-pubbed challenge between me & my good friend Amanda.

Got this free from Smashwords here.

Who can say no to a free book?
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January 13, 2012 –
20.0% ""Good night," she replied sassily.

"Yeah, right!" she said sassily and mounted.

[...]but on the inside she was still that same sassy, clever, little girl[...]

"You can laugh all you want. I will figure this out!" she said in a sassy tone.

Damnit enough with the sass!"
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20.0% "Let's play the foreshadowing game:

1) The "chinuk" randomly showing up and just as randomly disappearing, leaving a book behind. Bets it'll show up later on and help Chalice? (And the book he dropped also plays a large part in the story)

^^ was right about this status update [which was deleted along with my previous pre-review. sadface.]"
January 14, 2012 –
20.0% "Foreshadowing #2:

2) The wolf pack that randomly stalks them and just as randomly leaves after Chalice and the pack leader have a staring contest? Bets they'll somehow help them in the future? (Possibly to win some sort of war/battle)"
January 18, 2012 –
20.0% "Foreshadowing #3:

3) Hooves Bane/Nipha is just so randomly introduced. Bets this pretty horsey will come up again in the future? (Bonus if it becomes Chalice's own horse)"
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♡ Half Blood  Prince ♡ Skyla (Happy Go Lucky and Lost in Books) wrote: "I came to like this review and realized I already had."


Whooaa....i was wondering how my review was suddenly getting all these likes. and then i heard about what the author's done. She's just diggin her own grave at this point.

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