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Ten Things We Did by Sarah Mlynowski
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Jan 13, 2012

it was ok
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Read in August, 2011

Judged by the Cover

Is this really something that would pop out at you in the book store? "Oh look they're almost kissing...I have never seen any other book like this!" I was looking thourgh the store yesterday and I thought I saw this book, I liked it up and it happened to be a diffrent book, same cover idea.This book isn't going to pop out at a store. At least not to me. There really isn't anything to say about this...really nothing. I think the people on the cover are a little too perfect. That concludes the Judged by the Cover section.

What's Up?

The novel follows sixteen-year-old April. When her Dad is given a better job oppurtuniy in Cleveland, he plans to relocate his family (April and her step-mom, Penny). Angery and despreate for a way to stay in her home town with her friends and long-term boyfriend she scrambles in her mind wondering if anyone would let her stay with them, her friend Vi (a senior) quickly comes to mind and agrees to let her stay. There is only one tiny promblem, Vi's mom will be going on tour-as Mary Poppins-and April's dad would never let her stay here without a responsible guardian. There is only one solutian, Lie. Lie until the lies around you start to fall apart.


She was flawed, but it was believeable. She made bad descisions faced the crazy consequences. But still, I think her character was pretty realistic, even though, of course I wouldn't do even half of the things she did. Of cousre she can be slightly annoying at times, but that comes with the terriotory of being flawed and human. I for one wouldn't want to meet her though because who knows how she would react to me, But if I was shoved in to a room and she was the only one there, I would talk to her...maybe.


There's Hudson, and then there's Noah her long time boyfriend. Okay guys really, if you start a book with a long time boyfrined what do you think will happen to their realationship? Hudson gets a 9, for being completlely crushable and having a mysterious side.Noah gets a 2 for being completely controlling and not being as crushable as his "friend". He allows himself to believe every rumor he has ever heard, at least he lets people think that he does. Hudson has his way of letting April know he cares, which I found adorable.

Bonus Features: France

So, it doesnt take place in france, but her mom lives there and since I want to move there some day anything with that backdrop is quite amusing.

Lack of Bonus Features

This book didn't require that much typing because I didnt have anything jump out at me. I just gave a filler bonus features above. So in a way I guess this really isn't a Bonus Feature,but this not being a genre I normally read, nothing really stood out to me (not saying the book wasn't good - just not for me). So anyone who reads this genre will probally like it.

Final Flavor: Sweet and Sour
The novel twists and turns in unexpected directions for the sub plots, but the major one with her boyfriend I found very obvious. The way Lily handled the situations she was in were true to her character and a rebelious teenage girl to an extent. Of course this isn't trure for most teens, not everyone would even think of tricking their parents on this large of a scale. Which is why I normally dont read this genre, I can hardly relate to the characters, and that is my favorite part of reading. Besides that, the wrinting format, they would do it by chapter then divide it once more into sections with titles like Why I Hate my Mom. which annoyed me a lot because it isn't a flowing story because it was choppy when they went back in time to tell you how the last sentence in the story made sense. So there were good things I liked and things I didn't (mostly the latter). Basicly it's just a question of what other books you've read and if this will compare.

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