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Despite having never seen a single episode of Buffy...I quite enjoyed this! And shshhh yes I know you're going to go yell for me to watch it, but do we all acknowledge how many books there are in the world and that I am trying to read them all? Fitting in tv shows is the Real Struggle. rip me I try.

Anyway, this gave me absolutely massive Supernatural x Shadowhunters vibes, so that sort of centred me in the story from the get-go. I've read plenty of the secret-magical organisations, out to fight demons and flick around Chosen Ones and end the world or save it when you're 16. It had the potential to be too tropey...but the writing was amazing. It totally grabbed me. Nina's voice was the best (and honestly felt like Kiersten White's twitter hahhahha) and she was equal parts sweet and loving, and super sassy, and also wanting to prove her metal. She's the "Chosen One" that nobody chose...and everyone continues not to choose. And I get that. It made her so relatable because how often are teenage girls just swept aside with the, "Yeah, honey, but you don't really know what you're talking about."

Plus this had a most epic squad. Gonna be here for my new demon hunting crew forever thanks, including:
✧ Nina: protagonist and awkward bundle of sunshine. Will break your jaw and then say sorrysorry!!!! also has yelled "here doggy" at a hellhound before and nearly died.
✧ Artemis: Nina's twin sister and The Power Child, favourite of their mother, the one everyone expects to be badass and powerful. Power lesbian with knives.
✧ Rhys: wears glasses, loves books, is apparently a "leader" but would rather snuggle with his boyfriend. 0/10 has no idea what is going on but is very Ernest and Supportive.
✧ Cillian: human boyfriend of said Rhys. British-Nigerian. Has a witchy mother and knows about Slayers/Watchers even though he shouldn't. Will make puns before they nearly die. Has kept a demon in his shed before and tried to make it comfy. Likes Eurovision. Has 100% more common sense than anyone who's supernatural.
✧ Leo: old crush of Nina, Latinx, went missing but is now b a c k and hot. Acts smooth and confident but absolutely can't keep up with Nina at all and is probably exhausted.

I also appreciate that it was squad > romance. The romance thread is tiny and honestly didn't do anything for me haha, but then (view spoiler) Nina and Cillian are like the best bros.

Nina: can u keep a demon in your shed for me???
Cillian: SURE
Cillian: what would he like on his sandwich!
Cillian: also will he kill me idk might be good to ask this too

As for the plot... You know that feel when something is super predictable but you love the characters, the writing, the sass, and are just having a good time anyway? This is me here.

Can you read it without knowing about Buffy? I would say a resounding YES! I thought it would be Buffy's book, but it's not. It's set when she's apparently broken the world and killed magic (?) so I didn't really get the backstory of that, but that's where we're at. Nina pretty much hates Slayers because her dad died because of Buffy, but boo-yah she is one now. Irony is a jerk. (Also on the point of Slayers: there's "supposed" to just be one, but the spells got broken and there's tons now etc etc whatever. WHY ONLY ONE ANYWAY??? Oh because we only protect like 3 towns in America from demons? Go die by urselves @ the rest of the world.)

This was really a really fun catastrophe of an adventure, with Chosen Ones and demons and friends who'll die for you (or scream at you) and complicated family relationships. It was totally predictable, but also totally fun so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ life is short. Read books that are equivalent of fun flavour ice creams.
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message 1: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel Yay!!! Im glad you enjoyed it!

message 2: by C.G. (new) - added it

C.G. Drews It was super fun!

⭐Anni⭐ (Book Princess) Sounds great! I've never seen Buffy either btw^^

message 4: by Drakeryn (new)

Drakeryn Me neither haha. Glad to hear this book works even if you haven't seen the show.

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