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A Mark Unwilling by Candace Wondrak
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did not like it

DNF @ 75% ... but I ended up skimming to the very end just cuz I was so close to being done.

*I was provided an advanced copy by the author!*

This book was not for me, unfortunately. I don't mind paranormal fantasy, but this was just a big nope for me.

T/W: Attempted rape scene. (Quite a few references to rape, actually)
And if you're not into cults and the Devil & not proceed.

This book was a bit all over the place. I didn't really know what to expect going in...but it wasn't this.

#1 - I did not like the main character, Lexa.
I felt no connection to her, she was not the smartest in the room or the most charismatic. Plus, she had this thing against teenagers! She was always saying something along the lines of "I'm not like a clueless teenage girl who does dumb shit and falls for easy traps" yadayadayada.
Honey, please.
You acted like a fricking 12 yr-old boy parading a picture of a penis around a room.
-_- She was really annoying and frankly I was more interested in what was happening to other characters in the story. Unfortunately this is 1st person POV so it really is the Lexa show. She has mommy/daddy issues. And she also pulls the "I'm not a model, but I'm freakin pretty" stunt.

#2 - I did not like the writing style
It's very tongue and cheek, sarcastic...a "you know" book, where Lexa is literally saying "It was a sucky situation, you know!" every 5 seconds. It was just one big nope. The flow was off, very choppy. Some of the scenes were so similar, I thought for a second I was repeating a chapter!

#3 - The actual plot is confusing as hell. (pun intended cuz this is a book with demons hehehe)
So much was going on. There was no proper backstory or explanations. The only backstory that got drilled into me was that she hated her parents for selling her soul. The end. There were demons, vampires, angels, horsemen, Greek gods, Christian myths, cults. You name it. It was all freaky. (And I'll be honest, I was really uncomfortable reading it. The characters in the book might not be religious..but ya girl is, so the heavy cult and demon stuff was one thing. But like bringing in evily angels etc was another.....*I'm not saying I haven't read it before, I just don't personally mix well with it*)
But in terms of plot-line, it was a mess. Total mess. I had no idea what the point was. The central narrative that was driving the rest of it. And if it is what I think it is....I'm so unimpressed.

#4 - The romance(ish) was kinda gross
The author is trying to push a ship and it's just no, no, nooooo
It's not exactly a slave-master thing (but it is def a slave-master thing)
I will say that I am surprised that the sexy times were not as present as thought they would be (unless I missed something while skimming)

#5 - I put up a trigger warning for rape because this book deals with attempted rape and sex slavery and I just don't think it was dealt with well. Ummmm it's kind of just brushed off to the side. It was a "I was almost raped, but I kicked his ass since I am a boss ass bitch" kind of thing and just nope. No.

#7 - A token Hispanic character, who was obviously the daughter of the rich ppls Hispanic maid, whose stereotypical job is justified since she gets paid big $$$. No. Plus the odd phrase or two in Spanish. (One of which was a little off)

#6 - Deb and David were the best characters in this book. The only highlight I can truly give.

Overall, I personally didn't like this book. It was just not for me. The style, the plot, the characters all kind of tanked in my opinion.

Personally, I don't recommend it...unless you like any of the aforementioned things. Then by all means go for it!
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