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William Wilde and the Necrosed by Davis Ashura
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it was ok

I read this for the Self-Pubbed Fantasy Blog-Off

DNF at 40%. It just wasn't very good.

For a self-pubbed book, the spelling and grammar was fine. The story proceeded very, very, very slowly, and I just didn't like the characters or setting.

The main character, William Wilde, is a 17-year old orphan who had been mysteriously cursed during the accident in which his parents died. Suddenly a mysterious, beautiful girl (Serena Paradiso) appears at his school at the beginning of the school year, whose POV indicates that she is spying on him for her master.

The characters were not well-written. The book takes place during the 80s, and it is just a cookie cutter high school setting in which it's the outcasts vs. the jocks and popular chicks. The characters were very one-dimensional in what I had read.

The dialogue is awkward. William makes jokes that I didn't get, which other characters find hilarious.
“I’ve got a vertical leap like you wouldn’t believe,” William answered.
“Really?” Steve said in a tone of obvious skepticism.
“Oh, yeah.”
“How high?”
“I can jump right over a piece of paper.”
“A piece of paper?” Steve barked laughter
“A piece of paper?” Steve barked laughter before casting an appraising gaze upon William. “You’re a lot funnier than I remember.”
He says things that are supposed to be charming. I don't get it. Dialogue does not flow naturally.

The girls are always introduced based on their attractiveness.
Seated with them was Lien Sun, the pretty Chinese foreign exchange student who’d been with Daniel’s family since last year.

William drew up short, and an embarrassed flush chased away his annoyance when Sonya Bowyer, the most beautiful, most popular girl at St. Francis High School.

The girl glanced toward William, and his heart picked up the pace. Sonya Bowyer suddenly had stiff competition for being the prettiest girl in school.
William has the habit of giving names to things, which irritated me. For example, mosquitoes are... “Stupid motorized freckles."

But there was almost no plot during what I had read. Just high school students going to school and hanging out and stuff. I got bored.
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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Lawrence An interesting review, thanks Khanh!

I know that one SPFBO judge liked the book, but that's the nature of the competition. We can't match each entry to its ideal reader.

We're trying to find (and do find) books that stand up against the very best in the genre, regardless of how they were published. So, as such, I think we're all interested to know how they stack up on every level (including editing for typos and grammar) on the general standard, without needing any qualification (such as "for a self-published book").

I'm really hoping there will be a book you love in your batch and we will make a convert of you! :)

message 2: by Doug Ross (new)

Doug Ross Should I read it is it a good book?

message 3: by uwu (new)

uwu No

message 4: by C (new) - added it

C H definitely no

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