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Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll
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Jan 12, 2012

it was ok

I recently finished “Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together” by Mark and Grace Driscoll.

I should preface this entire post by stating for the record that I disagree with much of Driscoll’s theology and am often very troubled by the delivery of his messages. I suppose it’s impossible to separate those kind of things from the reading of a book like this, although I did try.

I gave the book 2 out of 5 stars over on GoodReads. I really wish I could have given it 1.5, but I rounded up. There were several really solid takeaways from the book for me. The most helpful section was a terrific exploration of friendship and how it impacts a marriage. Throughout the book, though, there were tidbits that I found useful for my own relationship with my wife.

I couldn’t read the sections that Grace wrote without thinking she had been somehow manipulated or duped into writing them by her domineering husband. I suppose that’s my issue. I can’t figure out why it’s good enough for Mark to have his wife as his “functional pastor” (a concept I’m not quite sure I grasp anyway) but not OK for a woman to be a pastor in his church.

And, in my opinion, the book drastically overuses statistics, many of which are from far too long ago or from far too small a sample size to scientifically matter. I appreciate the time they took to do the research, but I feel they took just enough time to make the research say what they needed it to say for their purposes.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to friends. If you do choose to read it, take the Driscolls’ advice at the onset and just use what is helpful for your marriage, discarding the rest.

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message 1: by Brandon (new)

Brandon I was surprised to see you were reading this one Brad. I'm not a fan of Driscoll theology either. Your review was in line with what I would expect from this book.

Brad Brandon, I've always found it better to read books I know I'm likely to disagree with rather than just make up my mind blindly! :-)

Also, a small group at our church asked to do this book, and I thought I should read it so I could make a well-informed decision!

Thanks for checking in, man!

message 3: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Sorry if I was being accusatory. Wasn't trying to come off like that. Totally agree with you about learning about both sides of the argument. :) I heard a podcast with Driscoll about this book and was just surprised about his take on things (probably shouldn't have been though). Great to hear from you and hope things are well with you.

Brad Didn't feel that in the slightest, man! Really appreciate you checking in. I've enjoyed to see what you're reading on here. I could get slightly addicted to Goodreads, I think. :-)

Hope things are well for you all too!


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