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Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Brad Barkley
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Jul 01, 2008

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3.5, actually.

"...I've just noticed a new ice-cream flavor called Chipitty-Dough-Dah. Then I'm imagining the meeting where a bunch of men in suits and ties sat around and tried to come up with that, all the names they might have discarded along the way, and I want to know if they had fun saying Chipitty-Dough-Dah over and over, or was it just another day at the office? Does everyone think that way? I really want to know. And here is the thing...I don't think it matters if it's normal in general, as long as one person thinks it is, or at least thinks it's OK. If you could have that person in your life all the time, and you could show her every little oddball nugget your brain digs up, and she thought it was OK, if she thought you were smart or funny, then it would be OK. Normal or not wouldn't even matter. "

"I want you to know, Eliot...I believe in God just as much as he does. I mean, not that it's a contest, but we have very different ideas. I don't think you seek out God directly, or else He would just come down and visit us once in a while. I think He wants us to seek him out through other people, through being in love with the world. He's in the ocean, He's in a bagful of snacks and the way you end up laughing about them. He's in the laughing. "

"It's not the someone-better-say-something silence. It's the soft green kind. The kind that makes you think of new grass and sprinklers and lemonade...We ride in silence again, but now it's the other kind. The black kind. The awkward, maybe-this-car-ride-wasn't-such-a-good-idea kind. The kind you sit through at the dinner table because your parents are trying to make a good showing by having a family dinner...It's quiet for a while again, but this time it's one of those yellowy orange silences that makes you think of birthday cake and brightly colored balloons."

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