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Dracula by Bram Stoker
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Jan 12, 2012

really liked it

I thought Monty Python and Mel Brooks had ruined this book for me in the initial chapters when the villagers' warnings and the neighing horses reminded me of The Meaning of Life ("It's one of the little men from the village") and Young Frankenstein (the Frau Brucher moments). However, after slogging through the whole thing over the holidays (like many Dickens' books it could have done with a good edit) I felt by the end that this is a well crafted Gothic masterpiece, although one which has probably taken the literary device of journal writing about as far as it can go. I also recognise that the feminists would have had a field day with this since the book is populated with "Damned Whores and God's Police" (to use Anne Summers' categories) but no character resembling a real woman. But if you put that aside and just reveal in the Gothic plot (and such charming details to me as Piccadilly, London, in the 19th Century with large residences and stables, and the 'sophistication' of early Winchester repeating rifles) you will have a ball. (I have suspicions that J.R. Rowling has read this and taken from it the device of Potter and Voldemort sharing thoughts, but no doubt other authors have also come up with this idea).

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