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Farsighted by Emlyn Chand
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Jan 11, 2012

Read in October, 2011

Meet Alex Kosmitoras, he is a high school student with a passion for chemistry, no friends and his own personal bully. But it all changes when he starts to get a glimpse of the future, soon he is learning to stand up for himself and finds a friend in cute and lovable Simmi, and the quirky and explosive Shapri.
But getting friends and having special powers isn't as great as one may think, specially when you start to have visions that your friend and crush dies at the hand of a stranger called Dax. But Alex finds that there is still hope, for there are two types of visions those that the outcome may be changed and those that outcome is unavoidable, and even if he can't differentiate between one or another he fights for a future where the visions of death don't come true. Alex is willing to fight no matter what obstacles lay ahead, not even the world seeing him as an invalid because of his blindness will stop him from fighting to protect those who he loves.

Farsighted is the debut novel of Emlyn Chand and with this book you can see she has a lot of promise as a writer, I wish to see how she develops as an author, how the story and the characters will grow. The way Farsighted begins is something I adore, Alex feels like this guy whom you would like to know more and the way he describes the world around him is really interesting, at times it felt like he was equipped with special effects and that brought something special in the parts he describes a normal day.
As the book moves a long Alex seems to have some strange mood swings that can make you feel a little uncomfortable, I blame it on his lack of social interaction, but you can always count on Alex being there for the ones he loves.
This book is full of promise for a good series, some details may not have been well thought or maybe that is the impression the author wants to give, but the fact that this book is full of potential can't be denied. I hope you give this series a chance, and share your thoughts here.

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