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I have only one question, and that question is:

Last time I checked it was in the 3's. Something fishy is going on here...

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May I present to everyone The Hunger Games...Girlified!
Disclaimer: Despite the fact that I am drawing comparisons between the two, there is no way that this sad little novel (if it can even be called that) will ever match up to The Hunger Games.

Similarity #1: A "cutthroat" competition in which only one winner will be left standing.
Why It's Girlified: Instead of engaging in bloody struggles to the death, the girls instead compete by wearing prettier dresses, better makeup, and having etiquette. The closest they get to violence is when one bitch-slaps the other (which lasted one sentence). Then, I guess they just gossip each other to the death.

Similarity #2: A poor heroine who seems like an unfeeling douche in the beginning but somehow manages to endear herself to the public with her antics.
Why It's Girlified: America Singer (this name. I can't even.) is the most self-centered, weepy little twit I've ever read about. She does multiple things that would be considered horrible if others had done them, such as badmouthing the prince and throwing tantrums, but somehow the prince loves her and even wants to be her best friend, (because he's as stupid as she is, probably), and the public adores her.
This quote basically sum up her dazzling personality:

His black T-shirt was worn to threads in several places, just like the shabby pair of jeans he wore almost every day. If only I could sit and patch them up for him. That was my great ambition.

First selling off virginity, then this. This book is doing leaps and bounds for femininity, let me tell ya.

Similarity #3: The love triangle between the boy back home and the new boy whose personality the MC comes to know and adore.
Why It's Girlified: I can't make a decision between Aspen and Maxon. Why? Because I would rather make no decision at all. Neither of them have desirable qualities besides their broad shoulders and strong fingers. Cass needs to learn that just because the guys are hot doesn't mean they won't act like sticks of wood.

We have Aspen:
He ripped back my blankets in a move both graceful and violent.

I was internally screaming RAPE at this part. Love of my life or no, I don't want him ripping my sheets off me after I hesitated over answering whether or not I loved someone else.

We have Maxon:
He had his own smell, a mix of chemicals that burned out from him.

Do any of you find the fact that Maxon is toxic attractive? Because I don't.

Basically, what I'm saying is that this book has obvious aspects that come from The Hunger Games. However, it is also so girlified, teenybopperified, and altogether stupidified that these features have become almost unrecognizable. The writing is clumsy. It goes sort of like this:

Yesterday I brushed my teeth. I looked out my window and saw my boyfriend with his arms around another girl. Tears welled in my eyes. I smiled. I smiled again. I whisper-yelled at him. It took a while for me to rest, since I was so tired.

It's so painfully elementary that I wanted to slam my head against a tile.

Anyway. Please don't be like me, in that others' countless negative reviews weren't enough to convince you this book is utter crap. Because it is. Even the ending is crap. I might have been a bit more lenient if Cass had finished what she'd started this book for. I don't even get what the conflict was. And there was no anticlimactic finale. There was no climax AT ALL. The plot is just a straight, boring line to nowhere. There were some iffy mentions of rebels and America's doubts about Illéa (doesn't make any sense to me why that makes this a dystopian, but whatever), but that's all overshadowed by the pressing concern of getting the attentions of some prince who doesn't know jack about his own country but still manages to make spur-of-the-moment, groundbreaking decisions. Oh, and he claims to know nothing about girls and to be afraid of their crying, but he manages to say all the right things and bring them all into giggly puddles of goo? This is disgusting and unflattering. I'm sure I speak for most women when I say that not all of us are reduced into pathetic tear-streaked damsels because of some guy.

I tried to read this like a chick lit. I did. But I doubt even my swoony, easily convinced self would've liked this sappy bundle of badly written cliche.

My computer accidentally erased my previous review, which was already 3/4 written, which makes me hate this book even more.
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50.6% "“And … well, don’t tell anyone this, but his arms. I like his arms.”\n I blushed at the end. Stupid … why hadn’t I just stuck to the general good things about his personality? Luckily, Marlee was happy to pick up the conversation.\n “Yes! You can really feel them under those thick suits, can’t you? He must be incredibly strong,” Marlee gushed.\n \n LORD, GIVE ME STRENGTH."
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message 1: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda The Book Slayer wow you brave soul. You actually read this?

Sophie I know. I deserve a prize. It was not easy, and if you're like me and are curious about a book even after reviewers have cut it to pieces, please do yourself a favor and don't read this sad excuse for one. Review will be up shortly!

message 3: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda The Book Slayer yeah. I really really hate wasting my time. Those books get crap reviews and sometimes rants. I can't help it but vent. I will take you advice and steer clear.

message 4: by Zuleeza (new)

Zuleeza You lived through this! Thank God! I almost called 911 to rescue you from this awful train wreck.

message 5: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda The Book Slayer LMAO! I think maybe there needs to be a Book Police. Hum. I might have to start a shelf with that.

message 6: by Zuleeza (new)

Zuleeza Amanda wrote: "LMAO! I think maybe there needs to be a Book Police. Hum. I might have to start a shelf with that."

I totally support this proposition. This is sort of books that actually needs to be slain. Mercilessly.

message 7: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda The Book Slayer lol so true! Books that left me broken and dead....

message 8: by Zuleeza (new)

Zuleeza Wait, Sophie. Goodreads actually deleted your previous review? I thought they didn't do it anymore since I saw some of the 1-star reviews did survive in the past few months.

Sophie Yes! It's a miracle!

And you're right. I don't get how this was published, or how it got such a gorgeous cover. It's just unfair.

Sophie Zuleeza wrote: "Wait, Sophie. Goodreads actually deleted your previous review? I thought they didn't do it anymore since I saw some of the 1-star reviews did survive in the past few months."

No, it's not that. I accidentally clicked a button and the entire thing disappeared. So it's not Goodreads that did it. I shall go clear that up right now :P

message 11: by Zuleeza (new)

Zuleeza Haha, okay. I almost run amok in front of GR headquarter just now.

message 12: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda The Book Slayer What 1 star reviews have been deleted? Crap I must go check some of mine. I will be pissed if they are gone.

Sophie I'm sure you're okay, Amanda! From what I've heard, it's more troll authors getting deleted than our reviews :)

message 14: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda The Book Slayer oh good. I don't have many books that I give 1 star but when I do and review it damn it I want people to know it sucks and why it sucks.

I did check and mine are still there. Offensive wording and all. lol

message 15: by Zuleeza (new)

Zuleeza Yup2, you do not have to worry Amanda. I think it just happened in the past particularly to reviews for this book. I think the author used to report all the negative reviews to GR and the admin somehow agreed to delete these reviews. Here's an example but I don't think it happened anymore since everyone knows by now that Keira Cass did attack some reviewers.

Sophie I had no idea they had license to do that. Delete a blank review? Come ON.

Blech. They should just leave reviewers alone if they can't stand the heat.

message 17: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda The Book Slayer That is so messed up and extremely annoying.

message 18: by Jim (new) - added it

Jim Excellent review, Sophie! And I do admire your fortitude and persistence...:)

message 19: by Sophie (last edited Jun 24, 2012 08:33PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Sophie Thanks, Jim! There were many moments when I thought I'd just give this book up, but I like to finish what I begin reading. You make me sound braver than I really am!

message 20: by Jim (new) - added it

Jim Hahaha, you sound pretty brave to me! You did a great job here, and I appreciate the effort you put into it.:)

message 21: by HC (new) - rated it 1 star

HC I loved your review!!! ugh, I don't think I'm going to even read the second book.

message 22: by Ser Nico (new)

Ser Nico Lol, you stopped me! I got the audiobook, but after reading the first chapter I thought, whoa, hold up, lemme check some reviews for this before I listen to this.

Thanks for saving me the time!! Your opinion sounds valid and unbiased.

Sophie Glad I could help, Nico! I wouldn't say it's unbiased, but my review does accurately reflect my impatience and frustration over this book.

Jordan Harris Thank you for noticing the high (undeserved) rating! Most of the top reviews are 1-2 stars, but the average rating is a 4? Makes no sense. This book doesn't deserve 4 stars.

Sarah Maddox I loved this book. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everything. It's just one of those books where certain groups like it. Like twilight.

message 26: by Nia (new) - rated it 1 star

Nia Bogarts This book did suck I agree I kinda just bought it for the cover

Wendi I also want to know why the overall rating for the book is so high. I've only seen two 4 and 5 star reviews so far.

Krizza Mae Martin Why it have such high rating, I think, is that people tend to love romance with a twist. I know this book's plot is just a step up from nothing but come on, people love it when the characters are hot and when their names are sooo weird. And one more thing, I think they drool over Aspen and Maxon's personality and description. Who in her right mind doesn't want someone like them? Well, not me.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't know why either because I rated it 3.90 stars. It wasn't that good.

message 31: by Kalique (new)

Kalique LOL girl.. not wanting to read it anynomore xD

message 32: by Lea (new) - added it

Lea Wellington "My computer accidentally erased my previous review, which was already 3/4 written, which makes me hate this book even more." Hahahaha love you review, when I finish the book I was so upset that I threw the book against the wall, and ask "WTH IS THIS?"

India Davies I loved it!

Rachelle I am totally suspicious of the good reviews as well! I want to know the demographics between the people who liked it versus people who didn't. Like intelligence? Or just age? Or are they (the positives) fake?

Thebookworm It was wonderful! It was in the three because of bigots like you who compare it to other books and don't actually read with an open mind!

message 36: by Jasmine (new) - added it

Jasmine Park If you are going to be so judgmental about this book how about you try and write one? I bet your book wouldn't be half as good as this one.

message 37: by Anu (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anu B. Don't compare books to other book, especially not the Selection to the Hunger Games. The Hugner Games is a fight to death, and though it has some ideas of love and stuff, it is NOT a pure love story like the Selection. I felt the same way the first time I read this, two years ago. Back then, I didn't care about the book. STOP COMPARING BOOKS TO OTHER BOOKS BECAUSE NO BOOKS ARE THE SAME.

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