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Find Me by Carol O'Connell
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Find Me by Carol O'Connell is the ninth book of the Kathleen Mallory mystery series set in the late 20th century. This story takes us all along Route 66, America's legendary "Mother Road". We gradually learn of three parallel journeys along the road: Mallory on a very personal quest, the FBI and state police searching for buried bodies, a caravan of parents searching for lost children. Kathleen Mallory is an NYPD homicide detective extraordinaire, a genius computer whiz/hacker, antisocial, fiercely driven. Very few people know her, by her own choice. Detective Sergeant Riker, her partner at NYPD, has been clocking her in and out for the past few weeks, wondering why she's been AWOL from duty. His anxiety peaks when Savannah Sirus, an apparent suicide, is found in Mallory's apartment.

Mallory is driving a custom-made speedster (Porsche engine, Volkswagen body). A sheaf of decades-old, well-read letters dictate the landmarks she must find on her route. She starts at the Chicago end of Route 66, sees it's a grisly crime scene, notices a key detail, alerts law enforcement, and goes on her way. That evening, Mallory helps a lost driver avoid a stalker. The woman is trying to join up with a group of people traveling along Route 66 showing photographs of their missing children in desperate hope of finding them. Next day, Mallory notices a suspicious vehicle at a roadside diner, insists that local police investigate. When the feds arrive and make a mess of the crime scene, she tips off her Chicago law enforcement contact.

When Riker learns Mallory is reporting crimes to police & FBI, it relieves his deepest fear; a murderer fleeing a crime wouldn't call attention to herself. He and Charles Butler (wealthy genius) pursue Mallory along Route 66 in Charles' Mercedes.

The FBI continues to find long-buried bodies; a serial killer adds new victims (from the caravan); Mallory presses on, locating the landmarks lovingly described in the letters; Riker and Butler in pursuit. Although Mallory is intensely focused on her own primary mission of discovery, she cannot help but observe a serial killer is systematically attacking the caravan. She often thwarts the killer and assists law enforcement, but always on her own terms, always continuing on her way.

It's essential to read the previous books in the series before this one, to fully appreciate Mallory and her road trip. 101 missing children, feds vs. state/local PD squabbles, and the serial killer are side distractions; Mallory is traveling Route 66 in her father's footsteps.

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