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The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell
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Jan 11, 2012

it was amazing
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This book wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be...but OMG was it AMAZING!!

I kept thinking that this was going to be a story about actual angels. Like maybe a story where the angels were the villains and they were the cause of the zombies that are taking over the world. That's NOT this story. This story is even more than that. This story is about a girl that knows nothing outside of a world filled with zombies, death, carnage, and hard times. Temple was born after the "meatskins" took over the world. Long after death wasn't as final as it was intended to be. The only life she has ever known is the one where humans aren't the highest on the food chain and you have to fight of the dead if you want to live. Really when you think about it that's not much of a life at all for a little girl.

At the age of fifteen Temple has seen and DONE things that no adult should ever have to, but hey...that's life. At least it is when you want to survive, and not become someones lunch. In a world of decaying buildings and blood splattered walls she has somehow learned to survive on her own. No family, no friends, no one to take care of her; Temple is hardened far beyond her years. Simply put this is a character that you just can't help but root for.

Then there is the writing. The way this story is told that sets it apart from all others. It's told in a third person narrative. It's more like you are being told a story from the mouth of a storyteller. I've never read a story written like this before and I loved it! It worked for this book so perfectly, I couldn't imagine it any other way.

A story that will take you on a ride and dump you out at an ending that you didn't see coming only because you didn't want to...this is a book you need to read! Because in the end the real angels are the ones that reap the true death of the zombies roaming the earth.
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Greta is Erikasbuddy Yays! I was afraid that you wouldn't like it because it was narrative. That's the main reason I liked it.

ANd what about those hillbillys? LOLZ! THe reminded me of that family of the x-files that kept imbreeding.

Darkfallen Those hillbillies were a mess!

Greta is Erikasbuddy LOLZ!! They were soooooo creative!! I would scream like a little girl if I met Mama !! She was kinda like a JABA the Hut hillbilly lolz

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