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Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
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Okay. Alright. I am FIRMLY a fan of this series. Holy shitake.

This series is doing that elusive thing of getting better with each book.There's a natural flow of information now. I get it. I know where we are, I see this Atlanta, and I am beginning to understand the people (and not people) who inhabit it. The center of which is Kate, whom I have fallen completely in girl love with.

There is an underground fight to the death situation going on in the ATL this time around. It's some serious cage fighting that the Shapeshifters outlawed some years back, but why are Derek and Jim involved? Why are they keeping it from Curran? There are secrets happening left and right and of course Kate finds herself in the middle of it.

I can not express enough how much this story has evolved. I love all of these people, and when they fall? When they're hurt and on the brink of death? I feel it. I believe Kate's pain and it makes her that much more real. She is such a fleshed out, interesting, flawed, tough as nails character and carries this story with such a spark. Even with all the pages of mythology and crazy villain names and motives, I'm right there, because Kate is right there.

And THEN on top of it you have the slow build up of Kate and Curran. I'm surprised by the heart of this relationship. I am so...impressed by it. Illona Andrews has allowed it to become something, and mean something. It wasn't in our face out the gate, BUT it was there. For us romance fans, we felt the burn there on the edges, and the more books we move through, the closer we get to the center of it. Because, holy mother of hot tubs. In another book I'd be like, "COME ON, GET TO IT, ALREADY!" But here? Here I care. I'm involved. It's not just about hurry up and get to the happily ever after already because I'm already over it. This is why this is my favorite kind of story. Curran in an interesting character with so much responsibility, leading over not only hundred of shape-shifters, but all the diverse breeds that make up the Pack. And what a merry Pack of characters they are. Again, Andrews does not drop the ball or fail to wow on this aspect. The supporting characters are all terribly charming and badass in their own rights. I'm a sucker for Raphael and Andrea. I'm proud of Julie. I want to cuddle up to then save Derek. I want to be on Jim's good side. Falling for each of them makes the big fight at the end mean that much more because I am off my seat rooting for them like it's the Super Bowl.

And then....oh, and then. The mystery of Kate and her father and the man she is set out to kill. The question and power of her blood. The sacrifices she is willing to make. And the roar of the lion. Yowza. All I can say is the last couple of pages reaffirmed for me that I have finally found another series to get excited about.
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