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Hunted by the Others by Jess Haines
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Jan 11, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: urban-fantasy, werewolves, vampires
Read in January, 2012

Since Shiarra works as a private detective and owns her own agency, I expected her to be observant and intelligent, but she often comes off as a bit of an idiot; for her first meeting as Royce her proposed cover story [which she refers to as a stroke of genius] is pretending to be a reporter or restaurant guide reviewer, but, luckily for her, her business partner points out that Royce owns multiple restaurants and clubs and has staff who would handle media. Speaking of Royce, he is a high profile vampire and Shiarra refers to when someone tried to stake him at one of his public appearances, and then there is his high profile lawsuit with another company, but she still doesn't recognise the man when she meets him in person. The number one standout moment, over the many other instances, is that she fails to immediately recognize a man who broke into her apartment and held her at knife point.
Being so sharp eyed and a quick-thinker, it was a huge surprise to learn that her business is failing.

At one point she worries about what to say to someone, as she doesn't want to sound like an unenlightened raciest. But the thing is, she IS an unenlightened raciest, so the book is actually quite unpleasant to read at times. And as the book is in first person, readers also have to sit through her thoughts too. Yay.

Her biggest hatred/fear is mainly reserved for the vampires, which I just don't understand. It's the mages who drag her into the mess in the first place and she already has had some unpleasant dealings with werewolves, so I can sort of understand why she isn't so fond of their races. However she has had no prior dealings or experiences with vampires to cause her prejudgement. In fact there isn't anything in the book to suggest that she has even been within ten feet of a vampire before.
And she doesn't know anything about vampires in general, as evidenced by a scene where she reads a email from Royce - it was sent during the day and she wonders how he sent it, as she thought vampires slept during the day. If vampires are a reality in her world, why does she only know 'movie rules' about them and no hard facts?

Royce is the vampire she is dealing with and he only pays specific attention to her AFTER she initiates contact with him [for their first meeting she wears a crucifix necklace and displays it in full view]. Until he learns about her involvement with the mages and White Hats, he seems very helpful and polite towards her - to the point of applying for a extermination of another vampire on her behalf.

So, despite knowing that her target is a high profile vampire, she A) doesn't recognize him in person, and, B) doesn't bother finding the answers to basic info on vampires of her world. Shiarra's dumb moments and general bigotry makes me pro-vampire and makes me hope that she does get bitten before the book is over.

Not only do I dislike Shiarra, but there is the problem of Chaz - her ex-boyfriend. He is also a werewolf, which means that he is the standard alpha male prototype, so I've taken an instant dislike to him. He's so possessive, he has a secret romantic side... What?! It comes of more like she's a toy, that he won't let anyone else touch. There's nothing much to say about him - he's both irritating and boring.

I just knew this would pop up; multiple love interests. Not only is this a angle that bores me and can be a irritant if the heroine picks someone I don't care for, but in this book I just don't get why anyone would want Shiarra; just what do they see in a often brainless raciest?

My main grievances are with the heroine [and Chaz], the other secondary characters are much more appealing; Shiarra's business partner Sara, mage Arnold who offers to act as a security guard to Shiarra and poor Royce. It's a shame, the author has some solid secondary characters, so who knows why she picked the worst one to lead the way?

The plot itself is fast-paced and entertaining, mixing drama, horror, action, the odd bit of humour and mystery together successfully, for the most part. Let's just hope that the sequel [Taken By The Others] shows a different side to Shiarra, otherwise these books will be deleted during my next Kindle clean-up.
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Nefertiti thanks for your review. I hate reading about dumb detectives who also lack common sense. I wont waste my time with this book.

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