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Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent
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Jan 10, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranormal-romance, series, favorites
Recommended to Shiran by: Kathryn

Holy sweet mother of greatness, I have no words for the magnificence that is this book!!!

This book was recommend to me as part of a group challenge and I have to say I will be forever grateful that I decided to join in that challenge. Blood Bound is the story of Olivia Warren, a bloodtracker - someone who can track anyone with a sample of their blood - in a world where Skilled people are not acknowledged by the government, making it easy for crime syndicates to rule the streets. Liv is very good at her job but refuses to permanently bind herself to anyone, especially either of the leaders of the top syndicates in the city. When Liv's old childhood friend asks her to do something she cannot refuse, Liv is throw into the world she hates and has to work with the man she loves but has to stay away from. Both Cam and Liv have secrets that neither want the other to know but when lives are at stake, secrets come tumbling out.

This book was so full of action packed, suspenseful moments I could hardly stand it. At times I was so eager to find out what was going to happen next, I read so fast I started seeing stars. There are plenty of 'holy crap' moments in this book and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen I was thrown in the deep end and shocked right out of my socks.

Liv is one of the greatest women I have ever read about and I had a very interesting imagine in my head of who would win in a fight between her and Cat from Night Huntress. She kicks ass like no other and is willing to sacrifice her life and body for the ones she loves. I loved Liv's constant defines of Cavazos, even when she physically couldn't resist his orders. I also loved that she happily kicked his ass back.

Cam is so hot I want to pull my hair out when I think about him. There are moments in the book where you want to smack him, I had times where I grabbed a hold of my poor Kindle and had to physically restrain myself from bunching it cause if him. He is strong and is so in love with Liv it hurt to read from his POV. I would do anything to have a man like him - strong, sweet, funny - defying his bindings to be with me.

I loved the way this story played out, the forethought of Elle was fantastic and even though you kinda want to kill her for it, you understand why she does it all. There were so many surprises in the book and with every one you just want more. I CANNOT WAIT for the next one!!!!
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Kathryn I am ecstatic that you loved it!!! I felt the same way and so glad you did too!!! :D

Shiran :D You are the best Kat! This recommendation made my year :P I almost don't want to read another book until the feel of this one fades :P

I noticed you haven't read any of the Dark-Hunter series, though you have read SK's League series. You should definitely give it a try, it's one of my favourites. Technically the first book is Night Pleasures but Fantasy Lover is the one to start with :)

I'm actually going to start the League series tonight :)

Kathryn Yeah, I have wanted to experience more SK..the League series is GREAT!!
So, I should start with Fantasy Lover? I heard you didn't necessarily need to read these books in you feel the same? My "pick for me" book is Touch of Seduction by Rhyannon Byrd and it is the 4th book in the series, but I am having no problem with it at all!! It is going good!!

Shiran She is one of my favourite authors. If you like historical stuff she writes amazing books under the pen name Kinley MacGregor. Yes and no. You can read them out of order, they are all stand alone books. I did but once you get to about book 12 I would suggest reading them in order to a point. You should read 12 before you read 15 and everything after that otherwise you're going to find out things before you read about them in other books, but they aren't that major. That's where I started reading them in order. I would definitely suggest starting with Fantasy Lover.

I ended up starting another book last night Bear Necessities (Halle Shifters, #1) by Dana Marie Bell, it's so funny and the sex is so intense. I'm really enjoying it :)

Kathryn I have seen that book being added by friends on my wall... So, Bear Necessities is good?

Shiran I'm enjoying it. It's super funny and the sex is HOT like I said, it's just a nice light read :) The storyline is cute and I must say I'm not the biggest fan of shifters but I'm liking this story.

Kathryn Yummy!!! I may have to add this one!! :)
Not a big shifter fan, huh? I wasn't for a while, but then I have foud some good books that showcase them and I like them now!!

Shiran Haha, I just finished it and I really enjoyed it.
Yeah I think after SK's were-hunter stuff I started loving shifters but I am still a little wary about them, cos some can really suck. But the Halle Shifters series is really awesome! :)

Kathryn I don't know about the Halle Shifter series..Going to go and look it up....
I am eager to read some SK...

Shiran Oh once you discover the DH series you will wonder how you ever lived without it :) She also write historical romance under the pen name Kinley MacGregor if you like Historical Romance you will love her stuff :)

Kathryn I have heard so much about the DH series that I have wanted to read them so bad...but I was so intimidated b/c there are so many...but, I need to go ahead and take the plunge...It will probably have to be a little bit since my list of to reads and need to read soon is somewhat long..UGH!!

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