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Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts
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Jan 10, 2012

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This book opens where the previous book - Dance of the Gods - ended, with the entire circle hanging out in Geall. They are tasked by the Goddess Morrigan to defeat the vampire Lilith and her army. Much as they have trained themselves over the previous two books, they now have to train the people of Geall and create a fantastic fighting force out of farmers and yeoman.

And then there is the romance. This wouldn't be a Nora Roberts book if it didn't have romance. Since the "circle" had six members - three of each gender - and two couples have already been formed, then by process of elimination that leaves Moira and Cian to get it on. If you liked Twilight but really wanted to see some hot vampire sex, then this should be right up your alley. The characters of Moira and Cian seem weak and the reasons for romance or even lust between them are also weak. Cian often thinks that Moira isn't even visually attractive to him, yet for some reason she is to be the love of his life. Yeah ...

Or perhaps it is the fact that both are introverts and being an extrovert myself I just cannot wrap my mind around it. At all.

And then there is the battle. And even though we know who wins, it still is a fun read. Not a particularly suspenseful one. Just fun.

Residual questions:
- how is it possible for people to survive on such little sleep?
- how is it possible for people to survive on such great blood loss?
- where does all the food come from?
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15.0% "The way this story has read so far it seems that Nora Roberts has just learned the word "kirtle" and is trying to use it as often as possible. I think the "kirtle" count is up to four in just the first two chapters alone."
100.0% "Oh ... Moira and Cian are both introverts. That's what's going on. I get it. Yeah, the mating patterns of introverts ... not so interesting to read. And I was so wrong on the identity of the "old man". Mainly because it doesn't ake sense for it to be who it is. You'd think the children he was telling the story to would have, yanno, noticed or something."

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