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Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman
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Sorry to put this book into so many categories, but it's a book of short works (poetry, stories, descriptions, and other word-based oddness). Some of the stories are brilliant... there's a truly creepy 100-word riff on Santa Claus that has just about forced me to embrace the Jewish side of my faith, and a 10-page story on that danged creepy Snow White, and a Swiftian story about eating babies that's tight and strong as a punch in the face.
Unfortunately, there are also a couple of stories that, though I read them twice, I just didn't think they felt finished. I could be missing the point, and there could be some British references that I don't understand, but it could just be that some of the stories are better than others.
Definitely worth a read, though, and I will be using several of the stories in my teaching!

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