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Epitaph Road by David Patneaude
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Oct 23, 2016

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bookshelves: dystopian, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, young-adult
Read from October 03 to 08, 2016

That’s a huge blurb for such a short book. Surprisingly the book isn’t overwritten. If anything it’s underwritten and left some things to be desired.

I’m really torn on the whole premise because I don’t know if I was automatically looking for some kind of hidden meaning that wasn’t there or looking for an authorial motive or what. But I didn’t enjoy it like I wanted to. Thinking about it now I’m kind of irked that the main character is a boy. Lends itself to the whole magical white man saves the day thing going on. He had Hispanic female sidekicks but they were along for the ride. I just mean considering the world is 95% women it would have felt more natural that Sunday or Tia would be the ones to blow the lid off of everything, not Kellan. Since the girls did Hermione his Harry/Ron by handing him the information he needed to see into the conspiracy and he ended up getting the credit for it because of who his mom was. But Kellan was the main character so . . .

The premise doesn’t really surprise me. Something bad happens to one person and they go crazy and take it out on the world. Not an unknown thing to happen. It just didn’t feel spectacular to me. Plus this is one of those stories where the situation is reversed and those in positions of power are now subjugated. Should I feel bad? Eh. Do I agree with the tactics used to usurp men’s power? No. Way too extreme and irrational for me. Do I feel bad that for once in the history of human existence women are in power and are keeping men in check because obviously they can’t do anything right? Eh. I get it. #notallmen. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But as a woman who’s been on the receiving end of male oppression, you’re asking me to sympathize with an oppressor because they are now being oppressed. I can’t necessarily do that. Because I can’t support it nor can I reject it I end up being neutral and feeling nothing.

Not a good thing for a book. I think the author tried, but it’s a hard sell when you flip oppression. And then you have extremists on both sides and no one’s really all that sympathetic of a character and the MC is one of 8 boys left on the planet but of course he’s the one to bring it all down. It’s like my emotions have zig-zagged all over the place with this thing that I just come back to that neutral feeling and felt nothing.

I think there are far better post-apocalyptic/dystopian books out there than EPITAPH ROAD. Points for trying but I think the feelings a book like this invokes are far more confusion and something people would have a hard time figuring out one way or another. Not that people shouldn’t think about things like that, but I think it’ll ultimately take those thoughts far away from the book itself because the book itself isn’t that deep. Plus I don’t think the MC was right for the situation, like I’ve said above. The girls were the ones with the information yet the boy got the credit. It just inadvertently circled back on itself.

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