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The Official Zombie Handbook- The Ministry of Zombies by Sean T. Page
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Jan 10, 2012

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Read from January 10 to 26, 2012

I was a little bit bored by this one, although it did have its ups and downs. There is some good survivalist ideas in here, and it focuses on a 90 day survival plan for all types of scenarios and demographics (including surviving the zombapocalypse with disability!)

Perhaps I just couldn't identify as much with some of the discussions as it is a U.K survivalist book, and Canada simply has different topography, weather, military, etc.

Might be kinda fun to keep as a coffee table book though!

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Holden Attradies so what you think of this one?

Alexis Winning I was a little bored at first, but now that I'm getting into more of the survival stuff it's a bit more engaging. Definitely some good info for when it happens lol!

Holden Attradies Yeah, it did get better as you got into it. So where your first thoughts after the first 20 or 30 pages "Cheap Max Brooks knock off"? After reading it see it clearly isn't, but the way it started sure felt that way at first.

Alexis Winning hmmm....not really, but it has been a while since I read Max Brooks. I have these huge bay windows in my house, so last night I was debating the pros and cons of fortification while reading the book....I was also thinking that we (Canada and Alaska) have an advantage due to the vast unpopulated areas, whereas the UK is at quite the disadvantage

Holden Attradies We do have that BUT I kind of feel it's heavily counterbalanced by how little food can be grown here. If shipments from out of state stopped I'm pretty sure agriculturally/subsistence wise Alaska could only feed a VERY small part of it's population which would only be made worse by all the people migrating here cause they heard what a good idea it would be in such and such book or movie. Just think of the chapter in World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War about the girl that drives north with her family to Canada. Too much people, to little food. And growing food takes time/preparation.

Alexis Winning This is true! But our advantage lies in the fact that we're here first, which should give us enough time to fortify, grow, prepare, etc. before the immigrants come. I suppose it depends on what time of year it all happens too...oh man, I hope it doesn't start in the dead of winter.

I guess if we all get prepared for 90 days of survival, that's a pretty good start in cultivating your own food.

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